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Enough for me to tell whether the board is on or off.

For this reason maxim actually made a chip similar to the max, but without the protection circuitry. One cannot wait days between each measurement. It takes approximately 18 milliseconds for a max to shutdown – might well be the same for a max The purpose of max1623 adp is to generate the core voltage for the cpu.

I just bought a defect T40 on ebay earlier today. If something got “fried”, then the system would never boot at all. Heh, just finds it a bit funny to know what the chips does: I had to read it several times as you had so much done already on this.

PDAs and Mobile Datashewt. This reduces noise and RF interference.

Finding a working board should not be a problem. This vatasheet very odd The status of the board will have to be determined by voltage measurements or similar. I have a strong feeling that it will be possible to keep the max running by removing the cpu. The motherboard directly on the port replicator. Pls leave a feedback.

MAX1632 Datasheet

Once the protection circuity has been disabled, the real error might reveal itselves by sending out a smoke signal or at least making it possible to do some ordinary voltage measurements within the power circuitry. The datasheet for the max says this clearly.

The reason why none or so few of the BOD problems has been solved – I belive – is that it is impossible to measure what is going on just before the shutdown. Do I buy yet another motherboard or am I wasting my time? And I decided that I wold like to upgrade the hardware in it.


I just have to know which mixim chip is in there. Having examined the other Mobo’s i was dtasheet, I could see that they were not new and had been resoldered in a few mxa1632 related places and i think that this random failing is most probably not helped by the fact that companies are reselling reconditioned faulty boards.

All voltages must disappear before an error condition will be cleared. One might wonder why maxim did not expected similar problems for repair people! At that speed, a datxsheet cannot visualize what is happening.

I have buzzed out the board all datssheet to try and find its source but have been unsuccessful so far. All links to PC-Doctor software hosted by me are dead. Also, the max will not reset immediately when power sources are removed from the machine, as the capacitors on at least one of the 5V and 3.

I stripped it down and checked the connector board along the back of my case and all the joints seemed fine and the micro switches all worked fine. This reduces noise and RF interference in sensitive mobile communications and pen-entry appli- cations. Mine and wireman’s does not stay on. Also it did never refuse a warmboot!

D over hundred Attemps during several days showed no symptom of bod; Nearly convinced that is was ok i powered it up before writing a dwtasheet to the owner. There is nothing else that it can be though? And the actual implementation seems to be close enough for the datashet to be useful.

My T23 does the same as you guys mention It also uses a maxim chip to control the powerup sequencing. Naturally, the indicators normally used to determine the status of the board lcd panel, leds, beeps etc.

Excellent dynamic response corrects output load transients caused by the datashet dynamic-clock CPUs within five kHz clock cycles.


MAX (MAXIM) PDF技术资料下载 MAX 供应信息 IC Datasheet 数据表 (1/28 页)

Once or twice it did boot from the battery solely and worked for an hour or so until it switched itself off. All these devices include secondary feedback. The datashdet of the connecters looked like they could do with more solder and i noted that there were often connections on both sides of the board so a good hot soldering iron is a must inorder to transmit the heat to the flip side of the board. In my opinion, it does not matter how the machine is being power when trying to start it up.

MAX1632 PDF Datasheet浏览和下载

I can almost smell the soldering irons heating up across the world as we speak Let us know if it’s not too much trouble how the machine operates over the next several days. It kax1632 the only chip I have found that is capable of turning the machine completely off. Should say i tried to power it up: What I think would be necessesary to do, to get further into this problem, is to find a way of disabling this shutdown.

The boards I amx1632 source are im im However if the datasheer is inserted then no boot, only the BOD and it no longer boots with the mains either regardless of whether the battery is in or not. Of course, this being a sporadic problem, I can’t even assume the seller knew about it Strong 1A on-board gate drivers ensure fast external.

Concerning the schematics I would say, that I have not really missed them here. Both the T21 and T22 that I have with the BoD problem never shut down by themselves; they seemed to work fine until I powered them off and then crossed my fingers and tried turning them on datasjeet.