Races of Eberron. This document presents versions of several races from the D&D world of Eberron: changelings, kalashtar, shifters, and warforged. For more . Races of Eberron (D&D manual).jpg. Genre, Role-playing game. Publisher, Wizards of the Coast. Publication date. April Media type, Print. ISBN ยท 0- Races of Eberron is a supplement to the edition of the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing. Complete list of all D&D spells, rulebooks, feats, classes and more!.

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That does makes more cheesey situations moredifficult. Find of like The Five Nations, this book divides itself in the beginning between the different races, and then uses the remainder of the book to get into feats and spells and items and that kind of thing. But its a very limited bonus to perception and enemies that are constantly rehiding is a fairly rare racws. Then we give the warforged appreciably higher AC than the half-orc will be able to achieve on his own and I think the Warforged is head and shoulders above the half-orc.

Books by Jesse Decker. Morgan Mcleod rated it really liked it Jul 07, But I agree I think thieves’ tools is the only real issue with it. It’s a very strong ability. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Races of Eberron – Wikipedia

Do not suggest ways for such material to be obtained. Should just be one way like other similar abilities. And I doubt shifting is going to be your best reaction in any social situation considering you get way more bestial when you do.

I tried explaining to a friend how much more mechanically powerful these are than the other races but the highest I could calculate was AC I’m a huge fan of warforged too.


I mean, there are some things in the book that are interesting. I think, without having better armour than other races in some way, that they come across as being kind of weak, since a lot of their features see infrequent use, if any use at all. And the warforged AC requires zero Strength investment even for heavyno weight at all, and is worn at all times without any issue.

John rated it liked it Aug 11, Wed Adams rated it really liked it Feb 02, Being able to breathe I disagree with – there are tons of situations, even in official modules, where “impassable” barriers are created through the use of bodies of water, poisonous mists, buildings full of smoke, etc.

There are some interesting NPCs that the book introduces, and some race specific feats and such, but in terms of giving the setting more depth this supplement fell woefully short. I also think you’re downplaying the impact of AC and HP loss.

I feel like this is powerful for any tank character, but not game-breaking. Taking that out of the hands of the dm messes with the balance. It had a ebreron of useful information and some interesting tidbits.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Putting paid to the notion that a frostbrand is “higher” than a flametongue, the comparison still stands for whatever you want to apply to it.

A’ndrea rated it liked it Jan 17, The book also had a few problems with editing and is missing an index. Not really – and other races getting it doesn’t mean its “flavor” or that they should get more just because it’s the same.

Races of Eberron

Ebsrron is a managing editor for Wizards of the Coast, Inc. What are everyone’s thoughts on these races? I think it could be removed entirely and then changeling would be good from a mechanical point of view.


Both have their situational benefits, one being real, but one providing clothes to match. Gotta disagree on the Warforged front. That’s a pretty niche situation. Its probably a bit much to eberrno all Wisdom checks with advantage. Daniel Lawson rated it it was amazing Apr 10, You don’t have to agree with them, but you also don’t have to argue or harass them about it.

It’s not such an advantage that it breaks bounded accuracy because it is possible for other races to match their AC with magical items. Peat rated racds really liked it Dec 08, In fact, I think old Changeling needed a little extra, and am glad to see some of that in this UA.

No DM is going to deny their player the same attention that they give others just because their race is unbalanced from the outset. eberrkn

Races of Eberron by Jesse Decker

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Which is fine, I suppose, as the races of Eberron are some good races, and especially with the Warforged and Changelings offer any campaign setting a slew of character options. But at that point, why not just give the proficiency in tools regardless of form?

Derek rated it it was amazing Mar 22, Only thing I would like to see is Warforge not be able to use normal healing like in 3rd edition.