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The concept of deglobalization that we will use in this text departs from a very different definition of globalization. Walden Bello, founder of. Globalization and Deglobalization: A Retrospective. By Walden Bello*. I would like to thank Prof Jan Scholte and the Economics Department of the University of. Walden Bello, Deglobalization: Ideas for a New World Economy (London: Zed Books,. ), pp. , £ Vijay Prashad, Fat Cats and Running Dogs: .

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It is about re-orienting economies from the emphasis on production for export to production for the local market. The first step of deglobalization is to understand and deepen the analysis of the process of globalization.

A Comprehensive Overview and a Proposed Definition.


End the system of overconsumption, luxury and waste driven by large corporations. From Seattle to Doha 6. The end of an era. Sison described Walden thus: Finally, the deglobalization movement has different voices waldrn different views that need to strengthen their interactions with other alternatives that, from different roots, are challenging contemporary capitalist globalization.

Let me hazard a few guesses. The movement does represent an alternative to this. In China, millions of jobs in export-oriented industries continue to be lost, even as the economy is said to be on the path to economic recovery.

It is free to read online — please support us so we can keep it that way. That obviously includes the theoretical arsenal of Marxism. Why do illusions persist? Though I draw mainly from my experience in the Philippines, I suspect that they are valid elsewhere.

Walden Bello and “deglobalisation”

Recently, he wrote belol of the Caracas WSF:. True, the recent collapse of the global economy has eroded the credibility of the neoliberal economics that provided its intellectual underpinnings. Devlobalization, the blocks to transformation are not only material but ideological. Unless it is fair, we will never get a successful international climate agreement.

The New Economics – a bigger picture. Esto no solo implica modificar las organizaciones internacionales, sino generar una nueva subjetividad, que sea, a la vez, localmente arraigada es decir muy compenetrada con la problematica local de la autonomia y de la ecologia politica y politicamente globalizada. The emergence of new movements like Occupy, the indignados and the Arab Spring was very important, but it has had temporary outcomes, and in some cases like Egypt, very contradictory results.


In this discourse, the state is the source of corruption, so having a greater state role in the economy — even as a regulator — is viewed with scepticism. Trade should be guided by the need of the people and not by the greed of TNCs, interchanging in the market what a community, region or country produces in excess, after satisfying its local needs or what they cannot produce locally.

In this context, the track of deconstruction of deglobalization has to learn with the social movements exploring new waleen to strengthen concrete struggles and promoting new processes of convergence that go beyond particular campaigns addressing the specific issues of trade, climate, finance and others from a perspective of changing the system.

Environmentally congenial technology must be developed and diffused in both agriculture and industry.

Globalization on the rocks. Democratize the management of public state owned enterprises. Although Walden speaks of internationalism and globalization of people, his dominant view is local and state-centric, but without a clear vision of what kind of state is desired or of how that transformation might take place. Bush The economics and politics of over-extension 1. As happens with all progressive approaches, its development has gone far beyond some of its original proposals.

One can understand the historical reasons why they emerged, in repressive situations, but when they become permanent and develop theoretical justifications for their lack of internal democracy, they can become a really negative force. Though the challenges may seem daunting, the deepening crisis of globalization — especially in the context of the climate crisis — will lead to economies that are much less globalized.


Corruption discourse continues to be pervasive in explaining Philippine underdevelopment. Focus on the Global South, The Paradigm: What Aung San Suu Kyi could do next.

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With the US economy on life support, Asian countries have lost their major export market. Instead, the scope of democratic decision-making in the economy should blelo expanded so that all vital economic issues — such as which industries to develop or phase out, deglobwlization proportion of the government budget to devote to agriculture, etc.

Deglobalization – reflections of a Filipino MP | New Internationalist

According to the Economist: Deglobalization beklo the transformation of a global economy from one integrated around the needs of transnational corporations to one integrated around the needs of peoples, nations, and communities.

Deconstruction The second track of deglobalization is deconstruction. Get our free fortnightly enews. Expressions that suggest that initiatives like the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our Americas ALBA have transcended the logic of capitalism are not accurate, deglibalization though they have included progressive attempts to develop processes of integration based on complementarity and not competition.

Nonetheless, the lesson after all these years is that these organizations have a great capacity to adapt and revive themselves, capturing elements of the criticism and of the new circumstances and with that, re-launch their offensive. Long-measures of income and land redistribution including urban land reform can create a vibrant internal market that would serve as the anchor of the economy and produce local financial resources for investment. Help us keep this site free for all New Internationalist is a lifeline for activists, campaigners and readers who value independent journalism.

About Deglobalizagion News Giving to the Press. Mark Engler and Paul Engler on the strengths and limitations of prefigurative politics.

It does not seek to promote an undeniable truth, but poses key questions to deepen our understanding, strategies and alternatives.

Star economists like Paul Krugman, Joseph Stiglitz and Dani Rodrik continue to pose their challenges within the confines of neoclassical economics.