Men’s Health DeltaFit SpeedShred Class Schedule. Weeks Monday: Phase 1 Workout A. Tuesday: HEAT Workout A*. Wednesday: Phase 1 Workout B. Delta Fit Speed Shred Workout Calendar General Discussion. I lost my calendar. Can anybody guide me on the rotation schedule? Thanks!. every single muscle. SPEED SHRED is the all-new video workout series from Men s Health DeltaFit and metabolic-training expert BJ Gaddour.

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Here is the promo video for the series….

Anonymous December 17, at Can anybody guide me on the rotation schedule? It’s a break from the running and lifting routine. I am going to move on the phase 3 and deeltafit may change my mind He really seems down to earth. When I do, I will review that one as well.

Maybe try p90X svhedule les mills I think you will find better result with either program. The workouts in my opinion are not hard enough for a very experienced gym goer and “technically” to hard for a beginner. This workout is designed to use only a few pieces of equipment that you may already have around your house.

The program in it’s entirety is 12 weeks and is broke down in to 3 phases that are each individually 4 weeks long. I chose the workout because my friend John lost 30 lbs in three months. Posted by Brian Watkins at 1: Felix Quagliarello June 12, at 6: In the mean time get in the gym and get after it, the only one holding you back from success is yourself The program also includes a diet to follow and a Training Journal to log you successes and failures. Hello from across the ocean! You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.


A step, a high step I used my kitchen chaira towel and not just for the sweatand perhaps a mat.

Deltafit speed shred workout schedule pdf

I lost my calendar. Is this a work out that I could do without having to invest in extra weights minus getting some kettlebells? I’m workouut and I like the workout.

Find More Posts by bex. Lots of dumbells I wouldn’t recommend worrkout for a home workout if you are on a tight equipment budget!!

I always like a workout that includes burpees. The speed shred program is not worth the hassle really. I can only recomend it for someone that once was is good shape and knows their way around a gym for the most part and has decent knowledge of form and is consistent with said form.

Men’s Health Speed Shred Free Download

There are also 2 other moves using the towel. Perfect if you’ve been out of the gym for a while. Example schedule starting on Monday: Contact Us – Video Fitness – Top.


Tags delta fit rotationdeltafit rotationdeltafit speedshred Thread Tools. It was designed, developed and presented by BJ Gaddour. Brian Watkins July 7, at The first workout I tried is the Bodyweight workout and this is my review: And also a questionnaire for each workout.

I can see from my stats page how people get to my blog and a lot come to this page from search engines — this is my most popular post.

DeltaFit Speed Shred Ultimate Body-Weight Workout DVD Review | mistransformation

Brian, I just started the Delta Fit plan. Newer Post Older Post Home. Diet is equally important. After all 10 moves are completed there is about a minute a little more actually rest and then the 10 moves are repeated again 2 more times progressing in difficulty each time through. All times are GMT