Dome Camera Installation Manual Weatherproof and Indoor versions www. Contents Introduction. Menu System Manual. Page 4 of 1. THE DENNARD TYPE DOME CAMERA. The Dennard Dome Camera is a precision unit, offering a wide. The Dedicated Micros Camera has a number of features which can be selected by the System. Supervisor when the dome is installed. Any of these can be.

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These are accessed by removing the outer hemisphere and inner shroud, refer to Switch Configuration for more information. Finally secure the plastic cover to the metal pins on the bracket flange C. Advanced privacy patches, preset positions and tour facilities.

Scan across the table to identify the values for the blue and yellow switches. OK, I have completely refurbished the dome housings and finally got around to testing the setup but I cannot seem to get any activity from the cameras. Multicore cable with integral Co-ax Video b. The DM Dome can be controlled by one of three methods. The mechanism has been designed to fit within the existing housing allowing it to remain compatible with the wide range of Dennard accessories and brackets.

Open the Technician Menu refer to the Operation and Programming manual for details on accessing the menus.

Always support dome with bond prior to mating connector. Ensure power is OFF before connecting the dome. Wall Mounting Bracket Note: Software Version To check the version of software installed in the dome; 1. Offer the bracket base casting into position and fasten to the wall using appropriate fixings. The RS wires are only connected when an RS controller is being used. Dedicated Micros range extended to include a new indoor dome.


Cut or drill a hole in the tile in the required position using the pattern shown below. Dome spins continuously DM controllers Cause No joystick dead band recognized as joystick was off centre during powerup. Sign in Already have an account? I have downloaded manuals and am getting confused.

Dennard Dedicated Micros D PTZ Dome Camera CCTV | eBay

There is no prepared cable included, the connector for the camera is included. The location of the switches is also shown. The connector mates with the dome as shown in the image below.

This offers a range of features which are described below.

When reassembling the dome, check the hemisphere sealing gasket is in place and that the hemisphere retaining screws are retightened to avoid water ingress.

Safety Bond – Indoor Dome Attach bond to a suitable secure position in the ceiling void. The weight of dome should be supported by bond ensuring no stress is placed on centre connector at any time. The location of the switches is also shown. Lift the dome to the bracket flange ensuring head of screws pass through the keyhole slots.

Sign up now to:. DM with rx domes are delivered with the address switches set at The bracket casting can be oriented to position the cable entry hole below, on either side of at the top.

Dennard 2060 PTZ Speed Dome Camera 36 x Optical Zoom with Swan Neck (Fully re-furbished)

Extended Rs Addressing Locate SW3 on the main PCB adjacent to the mounted connector attaching the daughter board housing the yellow and blue address switches. Solution Reboot the controller with the joystick self centred. Vandal resistant Additional info Advanced privacy patches, preset positions and tour facilities.


Always support dome with bond prior to mating connector B. Solution Reboot the controller with drnnard joystick self centred.

This operation should be carried out in an clean, dry environment. Use a spirit bubble level against one of the flats to align accurately. Browsing from the Americas? Twist to locate and lock.

Dennard Dedicated Micros 2060 D PTZ Dome Camera CCTV

Fixed lens When no remote control is available, the zoom cam can function as a fixed lens camera. Sign up for a new account in our community. Set the individual RS address for the dome on the blue and yellow switches fitted inside the dome housing. Camera Version To verify the version of camera supported by the dome software; 1. The dennars camera is weatherproof IP rated.

Mounting Configurations – Indoor Note: Arecont Vision Contera indoor dome series. The configuration drawings show the three connection arrangements.

Ceiling installation is made easier by removing an adjacent ceiling tile during installation. Always support dome with bond prior to mating connector.

Unplug this apparatus during lightening storms or when unused for long periods of time. This replaces the standard bezel F provided with the camera.