Akira Kurasawa was inspired by this book to make his Oscar-winning movie Dersu Uzala, (), George Lukas was inspired by the syntax Arseniev puts in. All about Dersu Uzala. The Books. English, German and others editions · Russian editions · The Dersu and Arsenyev. Dersu – photos · Arsenyev – life. Dersu Uzala (Дерсу Узала) is a nonfiction book written by Vladimir Arsenyev, a Russian officer sent on a series of exploration missions in the Siberian Far East.

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Belle Epoque — Fernando Trueba Incidentally, Siberian tigers seem pretty badass. One night, when at camp, one of his men says they ran into an old Hunter in the forest who was asking about their unit.

This is an important book. Books by Vladimir Arsenyev.

Dersu the Trapper

Travels in the Sikhote-Alin Mountains. Nights izala Cabiria — Federico Fellini I simply had given no thought to indigenous people of most countries other than my own.

As a parting gift, Arseniev bbook him a new rifle. Dersu the Trapper is at once a witnessing of Russia’s last frontier and a poignant memoir of rare cross-cultural understanding. I started to watch the film based on this book the full movie, “Dersu Uzala”, is on Youtubebut the English captions are difficult to follow while still watching the film.


Dec 08, Adrian rated it it was amazing.

At one point he and his men meet Dersu, a native of the area, who truly spent his life living off the land. Arseniev considered himself great friends with his Goldi guide Dersu. Arseniev titles his book after one of those native men, Dersu, who has lost his entire family to illness They can eat it. Bbook is the story of such a person. He also knew which one to avoid!

During the survey Arseniev would see signs that some animal populations were being depleted because of over-hunting and trapping. No need for me to crib those thoughts here, when Chad has already written them so finely.

Dersu Uzala ( film) – Wikipedia

Yesterday, it was very good for me to be able to tell that a mountain lion was ahead of me and tracking the same bull elk that I was. And such a strong book–in this case I know my feelings are not mine alone.

It’s an account of a series of scientific expeditions in early twentieth century Siberia, written by a non-indigenous Russian man. His task was to map the territory and he also describes the plant and animal life of the area, as well as the people. Yoichi Matsue Nikolai Sizov.


Dersu the Trapper by Vladimir Arsenyev

Each expedition is beset with hardship and danger: A fascinating glimpse of the Russian Far East. This book was made for naturalists! I recommend this book for all readers.

He exists in harmony with the natural world, with a dignity and respect for all living things – something often lacking in modern people. Dersu es un cazador de la taiga, acostumbrado a dormir en el lugar donde cae la noche, con una sagacidad del terreno y la vida salvaje.

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Nov 03, John rated it really liked it. Show details Buy the selected items together This item: This book hits none of those buttons. An authentic and very enjoyable account of the adventure of two friends, in a beautifully and unexplored wild region.