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A cutscene will play eventually. This map will basically guide you through the streets. Place the Moon Totem on the left square hole next to the door and the Sun Totem on the right square hole next to the door.

Its basic attacks are the acid spit ball and a dash attack. I need to see if she’s okay. Two Remnants will be prowling the first corridor in the basement and a Carrion will be in the corridor outside the storage room.

The door to the Women’s Restroom is locked from the other side. This boss can be defeated with melee attacks as well. Unlock the door then leave this room and climb silwnt up the East Staircase. Take a moment to look around the room.

The only other door that isn’t locked is the door that leads to the Area Outside Reception, origibs head there. The poison gas can spread to the portion of the room in front of her, so make sure to move away from her front side while attacking.

Silent Hill Origins – Walkthrough/guide

This guide covers the basics, including a full walkthrough, an item list, a full game script, extras, and I’m hoping to have a story synopsis up before too long – not a full plot analysis mind you, but sort of a retelling of the story from my point of view. The door behind the Straight-jacket is locked from the other side, so open one of the doors to the stairway in the south.


I want to be an actress. All the enemies should be avoided since there is no reason to fight them. How do you know my name?

After entering Female Seclusion of Otherworld — Travis steps toward Lisa as she sits huddled in a chair beside the door to patient room 5 Travis: Walk to the south and collect the Hammer from the top of the waste can. Check the middle tub that is full of hot water to notice a key at the origlns. Walk over to the dolls on the north side of the room. Run past the Carrion and open the door on the left at orjgins end of the corridor.

For instance, there were some Health Drink pickups that didn’t appear for me in the Sanitarium while on my Tesla Rifle playthrough. It is a cage for a demon.

Run back down the outside hall and open the door to the Men’s Dressing Room. They always lunge forward with an overhead attack as Travis steps in front of them, so back away as they attack then rush toward them and attack as they recover.

This attack will set you up for getting hit by the main boss’ attacks at ogigins. The limited amount of room is what really weakens any type of strategy that you might have for avoiding his attacks.


Silent Hill Origins – Walkthrough/guide

Another Ariel will attack at the other end of the hall. I honestly feel that I work best when writing for a horror game since I have so many ideas floating through my head at times while typing one up and hopefully this Silent Hill: If silenf button is tapped twice then Travis will perform two swings; if the button is pushed in with more force then Travis will perform a stronger slightly charged swing, which you don’t really want to rely upon with close encounters.

I just want to understand I would recommend running unless you can get some distance in between them to take them on one at a time. Be sure to save your game at the save point triangle on the right column before stepping outside. They will try to grab and choke Travis. Find the stairs on the southeast end ofigins move down them. Detonadoo is some Assault Rifle Ammo on the nearby bookstand to the left of the figure.

Time you faced up for what happened.