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Explorations at the Edge of Self. Though some of her writings may seem dated to contemporary readers, they have the virtue of lucidity and avoid the deliberate obscurity that characterised many of her forerunners and contemporaries.

The mental and physical are planes of form, and the astral and spiritual are planes of force. Above all, she sees a symbol within it, which is continually changing and moving, through invisible realities. Her efforts in regard to this are recorded in a series of letters she wrote at the time.

Magic is the process by which change is manifested at any existential level in conformity with […].

La Cabala Mistica di Fortune Dion

Magick is the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will. Her pseudonym was inspired by her family motto “Deo, non fortuna” Latin for “by God, not fate”.

The Qabalistic method divides the manifested universe into four planes: The Demon Lovers Hardcover. Our sense of Achievable Reality is the limitations which we believe bind us into a narrow range of actions and successes — what we believe to be possible for us at mysgique one time. Magic faith cion simply a means of unifying Desire and Belief. A Chronicle of Sex, Blasphemy and Liberation. Real magick is not merely an assortment of skills and techniques.


Magick is just the art of changing the focus of consciousness at will. Personally, I do not think this is a desirable condition, and I have seen it give rise to much trouble because the influences to which it opens the doors can only be controlled from the spiritual plane, and to open a door to the Unseen without adequate means of controlling what comes through is a very undesirable practice.

In reality there is no difference, but since this statement appears outrageously paradoxical, I must amplify and analyse it until its significance becomes clear. Doctrina Cosmica La Paperback. There are plenty of ideas one can procure to realise through self-discovery and learning that no forhune can represent effectively with words — non-verbal uinderstanding.

Concerning this phase of cosmic history no evidence can be offered save the general argument of the different, and in many cases totally unrelated, esoteric traditions, and the practical experience of those who work with these forces, basing their modus operandi on these traditions. Notify me when available. I was therefore reluctant to discard it; so I decided to put it aside while I experimented with the ancient methods which personalized all the company of heaven and dealt with them unreservedly.

These psychological principles I found adequate to explain all the phenomena, and they could be checked and counterchecked by the technique of dream dortune.

Dion Fortune (Violet Mary Firth) – The Invisible Intelligences

I discovered that if one rationalized magic, one took all the power out of it. Psychic or astral consciousness, on the other hand, must be definitely classed as below the rational mind; it corresponds to the subconscious and primitive levels of thought. In order to understand the rationale of the contacting of the invisible forces, it is necessary to understand the nature of the involutionary arc of manifestation, for these forces represent primitive types of existence.


The true practice of magic depends on the legitimacy of the individual human will.

La Cabale Mystique by Dion Fortune – Hardcover

So successfully could this be done that at one time I formed the opinion that psychology could supply all that was needful in the way of explanation of the magical workings, leaving modern minds free to follow the ancient methods without doing violence to their rational viewpoint.

Selbstverteidigung Mit Psi Paperback. In Her essence, She is all those abstractions I have enumerated, and much more; but between the spiritual essence and its manifestation in material form there are intervening stages, and it is with these that magic and mysticism are concerned.

For all works of white magic, these two should never be separated; indeed, one might say that it is their separation which makes the distinction between white and black magic.

mysfique Send to a friend. In the Eucharist, both dioj its Roman and Anglican forms, we get the prayer to the angels; and in popular magic, the superstitious remnant of a Qabalistic tradition, we get all manner of uncivil conjurations designed to compel the attendance of reluctant spirits.

Accept By continuing to browse this site, you accept the use of cookies to propose offers ansd services matching your interests. What’s New – Home – Login. Magic is the most useful too for bending the din to our favour in an given circumstance, but does not go beyond the scope of being a tool concurrently aiding your mundane efforts. The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1 2 Item Items. Hyatt, Pacts With the Devil: