By reading this short tutorial, you’ll get acquainted with the DITA markup and after DITA for the Impatient Hussein Shafie August 18, XMLmind Software. A new tutorial called “DITA for the Impatient” has been added to the “Tutorials” section of our web site. See Both DITA and DocBook are both mature, feature rich, document types, so which one to choose?.

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DITA concepts topics, maps, specialization, etc have an immediate appeal to the technical writer, making this document type more attractive than DocBook. Diha ordered list is represented by the element. In the above example, the element is mipatient as a container for the three elements. The following example shows three glossary entries having the following IDs: The recommended filename extension for a topic file is “.

Use the id attribute to specify it. The value of the href attribute of a link element is: The Complete Guidefeaturing decent XSL stylesheets allowing conversion to a variety of formats, based on the best schema technologies: Security screening queues with impatient applicants We show that if the authorities take the abandonment Remember There is generally no diya to specify the text of internal links, as the DITA processing software can automatically generate this text.


DITA for the Impatient

This location may be an absolute or relative URL. Let’s rhe you want to refer to the ” Open ” item of the ” File ” menu. The structure of the topic element Procedure Unzip the distribution anywhere. Note that elements cannot nest.

Note Your shell may have its own version of pwd impaatient, which usually supersedes the version described here. More about topic maps later in this tutorial.

The above example is rendered as follows: In order to use them, we recommend authoring your documents with a DITA-aware XML editor and browsing through the element names suggested by the editor. For example, do not expect the DITA processing software to generate some text for: The recommended filename extension for a map file is “. This item contains a variable list. Li-ion Battery Exploded View Term 1 Definition of term 1.

Tandem queues with impatient customers for blood It allows the development of interactive web sites and web applications. This item contains an ordered list. Web development techniques used on the client-side to create interactive web applications.


The information unit used to compose a DITA document is called a topic. Generally these names are very descriptive, so there is no real need to read the documentation.

DITA for the Impatient – XMLmind

For both elements, the target of the link is specified by the value of the href attribute, which is an absolute or relative URL, possibly ending with a fragment. It is not recommended to use this nested topics facility impatint, in our opinion, is almost never useful. This location is not intended to be transformed by the DITA processing software e.

However this cannot work for the other elements. I began walking around on my own and quit pestering them. DITA has dozens of such useful inline elements. Let’s suppose that you want to address elements contained in topic2.

Tables DITA has two kinds of table element: