48, Dumitru Irimia, Structura stilistică a limbii române contemporane, Editura Științifică și , Iorgu Iordan, Stilistica limbii române, Editura Științifică, 47, Dumitru Irimia, Structura stilistică a limbii române contemporane, Editura Științifică și Enciclopedică, I. Stil, stilistică, limbaj, Editura Academiei, 48, Dumitru Irimia, Structura stilistică a limbii române contemporane, Editura Științifică și Enciclopedică, 71, Valeria Guțu Romalo, Corectitudine și.

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The virtual social space developed in the Internet is based on the simulation of the spatial proximity.

It is not difficult to pinpoint the causes, but, we must admit that in this field also significant studies are scarce. Types of interactions in physical, social and virtual spaces We can distribute the types of interaction onto a continuum from total absence of interaction in physical, social and virtual spaces to a total interaction in all three spaces. A dramatic lack of experience led commercial channels to borrow or even copy the format of successful foreign programmes, starting with the breaking news and ending with infotainment.

Because it is timely and urgent, crisis communication demands speed, especially in gathering facts, meeting deadlines and sending messages strong kairos.

Remember me on this computer. Perceived only in their syntactic logic or at most argumentative, these reviewers do not exceed the status of simple utilitarian linguistic elements. She is the founder and the coordinator of the BA and MA programs in advertising at this institution. Your request to send this item has been completed.

The policy of decentralization reflected in the number of new public local radio and television stations was succeeded by private initiatives to set up local and regional newspapers, both print and online editions, radio and television stations as well.

Later that night I understood or I thought I understood. The relationship between politics and communication is a relevant issue. All these elements are added the influence of the discursive subtext, namely the totality of meanings that the message involves. Why is one compelled to speak out? It is also worth to mention, as some extreme examples for totally disastrous public communication contexts, those extreme situations, which were not too few anyway, there were cases in which physical aggression was present during these televised talk shows.


The main stream media had to follow suit and to react quickly to the unexpected challenge. Conclusion These shifts do not represent, we think, a tragic dead end.

PCTS 6_2013

That has been a major concern ever since optic fiber, satellites and the new digital platforms started to facilitate instant communication links among almost all humans. A handful of good-looking, prompter readers travel from one station to the next, drawn mainly by the promise of higher wages, not a vain.

This sttilistica can generate an inferiority complex in the psyche of the preacher, expressing through hyper-emotivity or fright. One of the most ambitious communication projects of this type was developed by ESA in The four basic urimia categories may be broken down into a number of structrua and subcategories to help researchers, communicators, and people working together in teams to build information and compose communication.

The computer mediated social interactions are conditioned mostly by the approached subjects than the common experience from the effective reality.

How remote is this conclusion from the frenzy manifested by the modern Occidental man in knowing, imitating the complicated stages of a so-called tea stiliwtica in Asia and the fervour with stilidtica he scrutinizes the thermometer or the clock face or, lately, the chronometer on the mobile phone in order to visualize the temperature and time the duration of the infusion.

Instead, the Asian does not measure or count when preparing the strctura, but he approximates. The question is certainly not a simple one. The last one is formed and functions according to other rules than the physical ones Ilie Contradiction and negation are key features of Zen rhetoric. This anniversary offered the ideal occasion for the construction of a dynamic project, Hubble 15th Anniversary, which led to the creation of cultural products and events to consolidate the public image of the Agency.

Her research interests include rhetoric of science, narrative theory, technical and scientific communication, multimodal composition, and research methodologies in rhetoric and composition.

Structura stilistică a limbii române contemporane in SearchWorks catalog

The so-called folk media may be the first on the spot for the simple reason that someone with a digital-camcorder or a smart phone just happened to be there ahead of a professional reporter.

Also, as a researcher he was involved in the development of local and regional studies whose purpose was to investigate socio-economic issues in the surveyed area. The stases also help people to agree on conclusions, and they help identify where people do not agree. The info sphere has been flooded with new communicators who have the devices to spread their messages world wide, be they truthful or biased, opinions or information.


He is interested in communication, media studies, journalism, PR and persuasion. We belive that one possible access into a truly new rhetoric era Herrick, Introduction Rhetoric was both dismissed and acclaimed over the last years, from Plato to Perelman, to name but two leading figures.

Tendinţe reperabile în textele unor melodii româneşti din epoca postcomunistă

Apologia is a rhetorical concept that covers the use of communication for selfdefense. Kairos and stasis, two vital concepts employed to account for the rhetorical situation, are still valued and valuable in today communication contexts. She teaches French linguistics and translation and her research interests include French and Romance linguistics, contrastive analysis, and translation theory and methodology. Therefore, the illumination can occur at any moment: Sensationalism dies out, the excitement is gone.

Main stream journalism attempts to stick to fundamental values, such as professional independence, while networked information challenges the very core of the news industry. Popular Culture and PR for science The current situation of research centres, characterized by an active communication behaviour and by an awareness of the necessity of PR processes intended to maintain a favourable attitude towards the process of fundamental research is a relatively recent one.

This is why it is legitimate to structurq about an interdisciplinary field. While the Occidental rhetoric teaches us structuta to make use of our. What happens or fails to happen? The organizers focused on the young audience, so they designed cultural products of science communication created in the spirit of popular culture consumption. Second, kairos means a stllistica of tension and conflict, a time of crisis stilisttica that the course of events poses stiliistica problem that calls for a decision at that time urgency, currency or immediacy.