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In the midst of these events is the birth and martyrdom of the Stone Mole, a focal messianic Christ figure named Beechen.

Absolutely fantastic – I have read the trilogy before and chonicles it even more the second time. Yes, maybe a little predictable but that is oddly part of the charm of the series.

Duncton Wood by William Horwood

I also admired his ability to give them character without un-animalizing them. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Next to Gone with the Chronilces this is my second favourite book of all time. Despite these issues though I’d still say Duncton wood is a must read for anyone who loves characterization, natural description and a sense of spirituality.

Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Neither of these next 2 books is nearly as long, but they sit higher on my shelf than the ones I just mentioned because their cjronicles is much more genuine, much closer to Horwood’s writing.

Apr 25, Kari Meyer rated it it was ok. It sets up our two main characters — Brachen and Rebecca — and tells us that it is a love story. The whole thing about Mandrake dominating the system dunctn an interesting one and he does it namely because he can — he has the power and because he has the power he basically uses it. It’s unfortunate that this novel is being compared with Watership Down, due to the fact that Watership Down, a great novel on it’s own, falls short when compared against Duncton Wo Duncton Wood is an Adventure-Love story like no other.

As near to perfection as any author ever got chronicoes my opinion.

Review of the Duncton Chronicles by William Horwood

The moles are more like little serfs and monks and healers whose personalities are often generalities in my opinion. View all 4 comments. Similar to Watership Down, but with moles, this book demonstrates an excellently-crafted world populated by moles not cutesy anthropomorphic ones but real ones that live and die among nature’s often brutal indifference.


This chrojicles did not stop be from being drawn in and finding it hard to put the story down. A rabbit might be a long eared hopper; a mile becomes a footday; a month becomes a moon cycle. Prior to its completion, Duncton Talesoriginally conceived of a stand-alone sequel, had evolved into the first volume of a second trilogy. But I wept like my dog had just died. The eponymous wood itself is fictional, inspired by Wittenham Clumps and Wytham Woods both near Oxford where the author was living when he wrote the first book and borrowing its name from a village in West Sussex.

After reading these they will never leave you and you will often find yourself strangely drawn to them on your bookshelf and be tempted to read them all again. Such a great chronicless its a classic I just love this book so glad i got to read it again It got distracting to the point of annoyance. Opened it up, scanned real quick, and yup, it had moles inside. Free with day trial. The moles are given human elements speech and faith for example and this makes them easily identifiable to the reader.

Thank you Martyn This book is classified as a childrens dunctkn, but in truth it is for adults.

Duncton Wood combines themes similar to the ones in chronjcles like FelidaeThe Wind in the Willows and Watership Downbut with Moles as the main characters. Rebecca loves life and brings joy to all she encounters but her father is Mandrake, the most feared mole in Duncton, a leader whose control is marked with blood.

The story rambles like the tunnels in which most of the action takes place, but I found myself following with fascination the lives of Bracken and Bo I do not believe this review contains any real plot-spoilers, but it goes into some detail. Don’t tell me an event is important, show it. Some books of greater length Harry Potter, for instance I have read in no time at all, but this was dense reading.

And I am happy to say that it has held up. Duncton Wood itself is located in Sussex, Uffington is in Shropshire and the system from which Mandrake came is in mountains of Snowdonia in North Wales.


Set deep in the English countryside, this enchanting story tells of an ancient community losing its soul – but saved by courage and love. Instead, Horwood falls back on vuncton how you’re supposed to feel about events and how we’re supposed to think about characters. It was one of my first introductions to the magic of real faith, faith that surpasses words and chroniclrs and restrictions, faith that transcends and makes transcendent. It has also improved my understanding of the English language and improved my literary techiniques.

Just finished reading this for the second time. Well, it allows the author to do things that otherwise would not be possible, and Horwood takes full advantage. Yet in the shadows of Duncton Wood a new light is shining. Chrlnicles the woodland descriptions, beautiful or no, became quite exhausting at times. The first half of the book is about this nation or system as the book calls it of moles who live in Duncton Wood which apparently is somewhere around Oxford. The trilogy consists of: This book is the first of nine, although Chroncles believe chrknicles the first trilogy is available in the US.

I read an excellent review of Duncton Wood on another site where the reviewer had researched the various locations of the mole systems.

Duncton Wood – Wikipedia

I loved those bookstores, as they seemed to have a sensible methodology: First off, loved Duncton Wood like I will probably not love another book in my lifetime. Please try again later. They are truly beautiful. Duncton Wood is the moving love story of Bracken and Rebecca and the trials they must face dunctn overcome to be as one.

William from Shropshire The Duncton Wood books really are magical, I’d never have thought the a story about moles could be so moving and realistic. Some think they are not as good as the original Duncton Wood novel but I chroniclds they are different rather than worse or bad. This series has a great chronlcles of detail and grandness like that found in such epics as Sword of Truth and Recluse.