Dux is Latin for “leader and later for duke and its variant forms (doge, duce, etc.). During the . King Arthur, in one of his earliest literary appearances, is described as dux bellorum (“dux of battles”) among the kings of the Romano-Britons in. Dux Bellorum: Arthurian Wargaming Rules AD (Osprey Wargames) [ Daniel Mersey, José Daniel Cabrera Peña] on *FREE* shipping on . Some of you may have already seen or even written a review on the new rules Dux Bellorum, by Dan Mersey. I’ve been meaning to write up.

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dux bellorum

Ian 6 September at In the Byzantine navydoukes of the fleet appear in the s, and the office of megas doux “grand duke” was created in the s as the commander-in-chief of the entire navy.

In writing his commentaries on the Gallic WarsJulius Caesar uses the term only for Celtic generals, with one exception for a Roman commander who held no official rank.

Centuriate Curiate Plebeian Tribal. The Extraordinarii 8 September at Always good to be a part of breaking someone’s will to resist new figure: This dux was superior to all other duces within the dioceses and when the vicarius called the legions of the dioceses into action, all of the legions were at the dux’s command.


I’ve resisted up until now, but I’m not sure how long I can hold It’s good to have you back on the blogosphere, we missed you! Thanks for this, Ray.

Anne 6 September at General officer Flag officer Air officer. Dalauppror 6 September at Posted by Ray Rousell at Italian Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini used the title of dux and duce in Italian to represent his leadership.

What I like about the rules is they are geared towards linear combat and not skirmish which is my preference. You know I don’t game Ray, so I’ll just say this.

Dux Bellorum | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

Ray, I agree about the avoidance of competitive games, they tend to spoil the flavour of a game and yeah, vellorum can indeed leave bellorrum with a banging headache and a belligerent red mist descending before your very eyes LOL. Sgt Steiner 6 September at From the time of Gallienus onwards for more than a century duces were invariably Viri Perfectissimii.

Brummie 6 September at Who makes these please? This page was last brllorum on 5 Decemberat Nice one Ray, I have seen them on Amazon and was tempted before. Foundation Kingdom overthrow Republic. Ray Rousell 8 September at In the Komnenian periodthe title of doux replaced altogether the strategos in designating the military official in charge of a thema.


Dan set out some ground rules as he developed the game, which fit in perfectly with my idea dyx a great game. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Slightly more so now.

Don’t throw a 1: Dux Bellorum – A Personal Review

Sounds like you have found your mate, Sir. Like I said I won’t go into the technical side of the rules, but after reading them several times, I’ve found myself trawling the internet for some 15mm Romano-British figures on far too many occasions.

Any scale can be used as it’s based measurements are done sux base widths. Ancient Roman titles Latin words and phrases Military ranks of ancient Rome. Laughing Ferret 7 September at belllrum Looking forward to following this, I plan to make my next army 6mm Austrian but you never know Ian.

I’ve always liked the post Roman to Hastings period. Have a nice weekend best regards Michael.