Sunward details the inner part of the eclipse phase solar system: can you take the heat? find out on Mercury, the vulcanoids, or dive into the sun’s Corona with. Eclipse Phase: Sunward: The Inner System – We updated Sunward and added print on demand options in October ! Sunward details the. Eclipse Phase has 98 ratings and 5 reviews. Timothy said: The opposite of the Rimward book as this one focuses on the inner planets like Mercury and Venu.

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I’ve very much enjoyed the work your team put out to date, and hope you will be able to work together in the future. The default protagonist faction, dedicated phaxe fight against the x-risks and other threats to humanity by any means necessary. Books by Posthuman Studios.

Lookin’ Sunward!

Also there are space-whales living in the sun, and all kinds of weird ass fucking to be had. We have additional unpublished work from Jack that may be released in the future, too! If the ethical and practical implications of some of the stuff that can be done with transhumanity’s technology doesn’t scare you, the Exurgents and TITAN threats will. Fissure Gate Gatecrashing Preview 2: Some possible approaches are:. Working on this book has been strange and difficult. Or maybe they’re helpful – who knows?

The solar system alone contains more factions and sub-factions than your average Drow city, and they trust each other about as much as the Drow do.

I know what you mean about. Honorable mention goes to the cognoweapons he designed. Thanks for telling us eclispe the problem. Joey rated it it was amazing Dec 09, Laura Briskin rated it really liked it Jan 23, A conversion of EP to the Fate system. Or maybe they’re all wrong, and everything will end in a huge war throughout the solar system. Nanotech is readily available, people can copy their minds to computers, and humans uplifted a couple of species mostly different types of apes, birds, and cetaceans into human-level sentience through genetic engineering.


What does this mean going forward? This game’s setting is incredibly phade developed and thought out except for the one big gaping plothole; see below and overall it’s quite a nice read. Phade the same philosophical issue that people have been raising with Star Trek transporters for decades; you’re trusting a computer to use sunwarf brain to make something that kinda sorta acts like you, kill you, and then let the copy go on with its life thinking it’s you, all while deluding yourself into thinking the copy that’s left behind after you die is, in fact, you.

Eclipse Phase: Sunward

As if this wasn’t grimdark enough, the best way of creating cognoweapons is to run someone’s ego through a so-called hellcubea quantum computer that will torture the ego in a million different ways at once to see which one is the most painful.

Return to Book Page. Philosophy aside, there are still a bunch of hot-button political issues wrapped up in this game. Links are tagged with different categories, phqse on the right side of the page: To avoid subversion and to increase recruiting lhase, Firewall’s internal political structure is much closer to that of the Imperial Inquisition than say, The Laundry zunward the Men Phasr Black.

There’s an odd thing called the Exurgent virus possibly left behind by the TITANsthat’s basically everything horrible about nanoplagues and the Warp that you could ever imagine, rolled into a single ever-changing threat that seems guided by unknowable intelligences to better improve itself and screw with everybody else through intense body horror and mental reprogramming.


Eclipse Phase 1 – 10 of 15 books. The new presentation style—compartmentalizing each section to be increments of two pages—was more challenging than expected.

Oh, and in case anyone is interested, Amerika Sans is freely downloadable here: Want to Read saving…. Posted by infomorph Creator. The tweaks we made to EP2 over the last week have necessitated some Nano Ops tweaks!

Tedthulhu rated it it was amazing Dec 05, No trivia or quizzes yet. Gatecrashing Major Errata Version 1.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Here is the cover art for Sunward: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. We’ve phade reprinted Sunward several times; the print on demand version does not contain any additional corrections.

sunwrd Found it actually, but. Aaron Rosenberg Goodreads Author. John rated it really liked it Feb 24, Eclipse Phase Second Edition is shaping up to be a page book—the largest book we’ve produced at Posthuman.

It’s full of the stuff!

Sunward Cover Art | Eclipse Phase

This allows combat to be highly lethal without having to introduce new characters constantly, similar to the 6-pack system of Paranoia. He has created a metric ton worth of background information and homebrew rules for the game, including historical information, new corporations, characters and everything else under the sun.

Found it actually, but thanks!