Ekiga is a SIP and H VoIP, IP Telephony and Video Conferencing More documentation is available in the manual available through Ekiga’s Help menu. Ekiga SIP Setup and configuration guide for voip settings and pc to phone calling of Ekiga softphone and install to your PC following the instructions here. To install Ekiga for Linux Ubuntu go to the Ubuntu Software Center, type Ekiga and select Install. For Windows the program can be downloaded from the URL.

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Normal Application Incoming calls can only be received and answered if Ekiga is already running.

ekiga(1) – Linux man page

By default, there is no ringing device set. To switch between views, use the tab line.

You should provide both your first name and last name. Ekiga has the ability to manage your SIP contacts. It respectively loads the list of users from the LDAP directory and will store locally their addresses. On the contrary of many projects, Ekiga ekkga always been developed during my spare time with a few contributors working in their spare time too.

Few people know that alternatives exist, and even less people know that using standard tools allows doing voice over IP, videoconferencing but also IP Telephony. Check the summary of your settings and apply ekkiga. Callto URIs and H. See test your camera section in this manual for more information.


Documentation | Ekiga ~ Free Your Speech

The address should look like:. Click on the video camera icon on upper left of Ekigq window. However we recommend using the integrated provider.

You will be able to navigate through the questions using the Back, Forward and Cancel buttons. If the above simpler methods do not work, you can use an outbound proxy to be set in Preferences: Depending on the mode in which Ekiga is run, there are several ways in which you would be alerted ekigaa an incoming call:.

All of the contacts are displayed in the Contacts tab, shown in the main window after startup. See [2] for a figure with quality of various audio codecs manyal shows information contrary to the above! The legendary Linux softphone is back for more!

Simply enter ekiya in the dialog, resume the Configuration Assistant until the last step, press Apply, and you are ready to call regular phones using Ekiga. There, a local addressbook lets you quickly open connections to often-used numbers. In the process our documentation the wiki is unavailable for the moment.

If you have a firewall and enable H. Ekiga is not compatible with Skype and will never be as long as their protocol stays proprietary.


Answering a Call

With the default setup, you can simply type sip: Ekiga features automated registration with your service providers. This page welcomes you to the Configuration Assistant. Determine your connection type. The extended stream window appears when a frame of the extended video is processed, and it is hidden when the communication ends.

If you hit Cancel during the mwnual, Ekiga will not be affected by your changes, and all entered information will be discarded. Echo cancellation is based on Speex software.

These providers will allow calls to real phones from your computer using Ekiga ejiga competitive rates. We do not think using closed protocols for communications is a good thing. Ekiga supports several audio and video codecs. If you do not want to accept this call, click Reject. When signing up for a DiamondCard account, a small amount of the subscription is given back to the Ekiga project.

However, eikga programs using closed communication protocols are dominating the market. Video codecs can adapt their quality to the available bandwidth. This is sometimes useful, as shown in the following.