Drugs, felony charges, even jail couldn’t stop him Electroconvulsive therapy did. A manic memoir by Andy Behrman. Andy Behrman wrote Electroboy: A Memoir of Mania while convalescing from four months of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) that effectively. This is a two-part series where I explore the inner-world of Electroboy, Andy Behrman. Mr. Behrman speaks openly about bipolar disorder.

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In part one, Mr. Certain parts made me absolutely cringe.

The Shocking Tale of Andy Behrman – bpHope : bpHope

I wake up 30 minutes later and think I’m in a hotel room in Acapulco. It’s as if we’re printing our own money. Once diagnosed, he flatly refuse to even try meds and never has, except when forced to.

I go voy and I don’t see Indiana man. I already feel restless and we haven’t been in the air for more than two hours. I am obsessed with working ridiculously long hours, earning plenty of money and spending it as quickly as I make it. Ignoring his crescendoing illness, Behrman struggled to keep up appearances, clinging to the golden-boy image he had cultivated in his youth. I’m looking forward to my fourth and final treatment.


Jul 11, William rated it it was amazing. I’d rank it up there with Marya Hornbacher’s “Madness. All of this will end up in supermarkets today. I hail a taxi. I’ve slipped into the Land of Stiff Neck and Drool, a warm and sunny place. I’ve never met her, but I think Lady Gaga is probably normal. Now I’m totally naked and relieved. The experience of bipolar is different for different people, but this book is talked about like what bipolar IS.

I’m in a hospital about to get electroshock.

Electroboy: A Memoir of Mania

Dr Fried brings us into her office and tells us we have tried every possible combination of medication available and my condition has still not been stabilised; I have reached a critical stage.

He enjoyed drug binges and cross-continental shopping trips and sex with strangers. Jun 30, Bog Fischer rated it really liked it.

It does bring home beautifully how ‘useful’ manic episode can be to some people and how they can learn to use berman to their advantage, but also how put of control the whole thing can get. I envy his playboy electeo lifestyle. I’m in the mood for French toast.


My girlfriend Allison and I escape the city most weekends, flying to Martha’s Vineyard and staying at bed and breakfasts. Dr Wallenstein presses the button.

Q and A with ‘Electroboy’ Andy Behrman | HealthyPlace

Drugs and alcohol, in my case, fuelled my mania and intensified the illness for me, as opposed to what most people would guess self medicating would do – – to tame the beast. Want to Read saving…. This whole bipolar world is so connected on the Internet that basically I could do this sitting behind a computer. Bpy you know anyone who is dealing with this diagnosis, or suspect someone that you love may have some maniac traits, this book will help you walk in that person’s shoes.

But the dramatic swirling pattern agitates me.

But as I started reading it, I realized something: I’d love a bagel. The topic of this article may not meet Wikipedia’s notability guideline for biographies.