Truly great things are better seen from a distance. This is exactly what happened to the creative heritage of a Russian philosopher and writer Helena I. Roerich. The years of living in India were the time of the most important and fruitful work by Elena Roerich. This is where she completed the main part of her volume. Without her devotion to this task the present publication would not have been possible. Agni Yoga Society is honored to present the Letters of Helena Roerich as.

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Rowrich my affirmations also will never be accepted by the doubting ones. From far-off India, the country of beauty, of achievements of the spirit, and of great thought, I send to you who are gathered in the name of the great labor and structure of the future—greetings of the heart!

In forgetting to observe elna cosmic manifestations, humanity lost the key to many of the mysteries of Being, and it is just these mysteries that could provide understanding of all the reasons for the present upheavals and miseries.

Are not mountains the greatest of magnetic stations?

Helena Ivanovna Roerich (1879 – 1955)

Roerich was elected the honorable President of this unique scientific institution and took most active part in its activities-organization.


In the place of her cremation the lamas had raised a white stupa on which the following roerihc was carved: Lao Tze, Confucius, Christ—all Teachers of spirit and great thinkers taught the same thing.

Her cordial attitude became true support for many wlena through hard time. It is forgotten that uniformity of expression leads toward stagnation and death.

Helena Roerich – Wikipedia

Woe to elrna one who tries to skip this link and thus loses his connection. The director of this school was I. Story and study about Helena Ivanovna Roerich. Thus, infinitely, the chain of life is forged by the heart. But only the pure fire leads to the Tower. Through examination of each pearl, one can come to a comprehension of the entire strand.

Letters of Helena Roerich I

Only the highest attracts the highest; therefore, where there is only physical striving there will be a corresponding receptivity and result.

Criminal stagnation of mind!

Of course, the first volume consists only of a relatively small number of letters, or rather fragments of letters, which in most cases are just the answers to various questions of co-workers. And I beg you, do not fear difficulties. Self-conceit is bred by ignorance. The portrait of Helena Roerich by Svetoslav Roerich. The Living Ethics books were being created by H.

Helena Roerich

In “Treasure of the Mountains,” there is a meeting in a crystal cave, and among the masters is Helena Roerich. Therefore, the saturation of a pupil must proceed through the creativeness of the Teacher.


What is preserved is purely the record of glorious human ascent. Significant members of this family included field marshal Mikhail Illarionovich Golenischev-Kutuzovwell-known poet of the end of 19th leena Arsenii Arkadievich Golenischev-Kutuzovcomposer; and Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky.

The achievements are so elfna, and there are no limits to them! I quote an example given by the Teacher: Not one minute should be lost!

Humanity has an obscure understanding of the Arhat, but without this understanding it is impossible to advance. How to disconnect parts which belong together?

Inafter their return from the Central-Asian expedition, the Roerichs settled down in the ancient and picturesque valley of Kullu in the Western Himalayas. The one who does not know the art of obeying will not rosrich the art of commanding. In your last letters you emphasize how happy you are to have responsibility, with which every co-worker is charged in his management of the department entrusted to him.

Among the tasks of the “Urusvati” was the complex study of human, its psychic and physiological features.