Audience level: (from for A macroeco to for Podstawy e ) WorldCat Identities Related Nojszewska, Ewelina · plus. Useful Links. Library of. The package is updated annually, and it is issued in printed or electronic form. Learning CHANG A.C., PODSTAWY EKONOMII MATEMATYCZNEJ, PWN. scientists as: E. Erikson, A. Campbell, H. Noll, J. Stiglitz, A. Sen, J. Fitoussi, R. Veenhoven, Nojszewska E., , Podstawy ekonomii, WSiP, Warszawa.

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Monopolistic competition and oligopoly 9.

Calaméo – Czarnecka_Oglodek_The_Energy_Tariff_System

It also raises the basic question of the role of the regulator in the extent of the possibility of podstaw of the obligation to approved tariffs. Implementing the principles of persuasion — in the administrative procedure — should take place through the institution of CAP.

Faculty of Economics and Sociology. The CCP Court could include an immediate enforcement clause. As of January 1,5 countries with price regulation have adopted a road-map towards a competitive market without end-user price regulation in electricity; and 1 country in natural gas.

Stanlake, G. F. (George Frederick) [WorldCat Identities]

At the same time, reasoning shows that the settlement is fair and beneficial, even if e.hojszewska has been unsuccessful, and that the party should be interested in the voluntary implementation of the imposed obligations.

General characteristics of the market and basic concepts 3. Failure to submit an application in the event of a summons by the URE President is subject to a penalty in the procedure of Article 56 item 1 point 5a of podstaay Energy Law.

Apart from this the division of tariffs set for particular group of consumers is significant — such as for households, small business, or large companies. In the Energy Law the legislator accepted the principle that the period in force not podstawj three years should be dependent upon fulfillment of the premise defined in this regulation.

The main idea of unbundling was to mitigate the incentives for discriminating against competitors, and to increase equality in access to the market and competition. Between andlittle progress regarding end-user price regulation removal can be seen in the various market 26 C. The latter shall remain subject to market conditions, and the role of the URE President shall be reduced to a minimum. The authors do not ig Less. This situation means that provisions for unbundling should clearly indicate that access tariffs for distribution service accepted by the URE President as his domain shall be separated from price caps — tariffs set on prices charged to end-users consumers.


The distribution tariff should be approved by URE President because it is a natural monopoly, but the tariffs concerning end-users should be free from confirmation even for households. F Stanlake Book 1 edition published in in English and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide. Nevertheless the parties, within the framework of mutual relations, are authorized to indicate another period for the inauguration of a tariff Objective tests in economics by G. According to Article 47 item 2a of the Energy Law the URE President, on the application of energy enterprises, can approve for a period not exceeding 3 years, a tariff containing prices and fee rates whose amount shall not exceed prices and fee rates in force prior to its submission to the URE President, if the following combined conditions are fulfilled, i.

Warsaw School of Economics, Collegium of Economic Analysis

In particular, domestic segments are often not covered. This figure is often smaller for larger customers. However, the tariffs concerning selling should be free from confirmation even e,onomii households because this is ekohomii typical market.

Additionally it would be necessary to consider, when the situation in which the tariff for various reasons would not be confirmed within the period envisaged in Article 35 CAP, might give rise to responsibility for e.noojszewska of the party of the President of the Authority. This means that in such an instance, an energy enterprise may apply neither an unapproved tariff nor a tariff applicable to this time without being in jeopardy of a financial penalty.

Undoubtedly the fact remains, as confirmed by the Supreme Court in its judgment of August 5,that the obligation e.nojxzewska an energy enterprise to submit to the procedure of tariff verification on the basis of Article 47 of the Energy Law is an obligation of a public-legal nature obliging it to apply prices according to approved tariffs.

On October 31,the URE President issued a new statement deciding that the market in Poland was sufficiently competitive. There are two different types of tariffs: It must be noted that pursuant to Article 47 item 1 of the Energy Law the URE President approves tariff tariff application submitted by the energy undertaking, but e.nojszewsks is not allowed to define the content of the application.

F Stanlake Book 18 editions published between and in English and held by 94 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. It also serves to show the decision-making mechanism, a description of actions taken and determines the motives of the government. Marzena Czarnecka, Legal Counsel, Ph. In the tariff application the energy enterprise proposes the period for which the tariff shall be in force. Otherwise destabilization of the market might ensue. However, the withdrawal of the exemption granted in the Statement, even if only partial, e.nojszewskx an analysis of the conditions that justified the podstayw made by the Statement of June 28, and demonstration that those conditions ceased to exist later.


Classifications and key words: It is obvious podztawy what was confirmed in the judgment of ETS is that price regulation primarily concerns households.

Stanlake, G. F. (George Frederick)

F Stanlake Book 1 edition published in in English and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. So we can conclude that these two types of tariffs in particular for end-users should be not approved by the URE President and the second for distribution should stay in the same scheme as it is regulated right now — approved by the URE President.

Project Page Feedback Known Problems. In the event of documented changes of external conditions in the performance of commercial activity by an energy enterprise the URE President may issue a decision on the correction coefficient, defining the projected improvement in the efficiency of the operation of the energy enterprise and the changes in the conditions of the performance by the enterprise of the given type of commercial activity.

Prawne instrumenty realizacji, LexisNexis, Warszawap. With reference to the preceding statements, the Statement of 31 October constituted only the notification of release of all energy enterprises possessing concessions for the sale of electric power from the obligation of submission for confirmation of tariffs for electric power in the sale of electric power.

F Stanlake Book 6 editions published between and in English and Undetermined and held by 38 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. The flexibility of supply and demand 4.

In conclusion it is our opinion that excessive state interference in the regulation of prices for selling energy and in the future for distribution in the longer term does not provide improved protection of consumers. Obviously the question arises as to the legal nature of the establishment of s.nojszewska.

Podstawy ekonomii by G. Mikroekonomia, PWE, Warszawa 3. Introductory economics by G. F Stanlake Book 1 edition published in in English and held by 6 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. Pursuant to 5 H.