Twenty-eight years ago, Erich von Daniken first presented his theory of alien contact with the ancient world – a theory so incredible, yet so logical and convincing. In this follow-up to Erich von Däniken’s worldwide bestseller Chariots of the Gods , the author reveals startling new evidence that could prove. The Eyes of the Sphinx, Erich von Daniken’s follow-up to his worldwide bestseller Chariots of the Gods, reveals more startling evidence that ancient Earth had.

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Great shape- sphinxx are unmarked and eyex. No such point was ever made. Nathaniel Vasig rated it it was amazing Mar 24, You can learn something about Egypt, the Sphinx, and the pyramids, and about how politics plays a role in what information scientists allow the public to have access to, but don’t expect to meet Enlil or Enki in the pages of this book. Granted, as the author to his credit attests, his theories are of his own creation. Anyone with an interest in one of the most important civilization’s and its histories, Should listen to this graphic but lightly controversial information.

The only problem I had with it was trying to concentrate to get the story and message out of each chapter because there were so many different names of gods and kings. The book spends most of its time detailing archeological mysteries that the author finds interesting but apparently no conventional archeologist has any interest. Prehistoric bones that prove the existence of a worldwide cult that deformed children’s skulls in imitation of the “gods” they had seen. This copy of The Eyes of the Sphinx: In this bold and provocative audiobook, Yuval Noah Harari explores who we are, how we got here, and where we’re going.


May 16, Erik rated it it was ok Shelves: He also wanted to reason why there are so many animal hybrids depicted in Egyptian art and literature.

The Eyes Of the Sphinx

Most of it’s about the pyramids and who built them they should have called it who built the pyramids Travelers from the stars, they arrived eons ago, and planted the genetic seed that would ultimately blossom into a remarkable species Nikki rated it it was amazing Jun 16, Yuval Noah Harari Narrated by: This is your theory and you scoff at people that believe in life after death…. Jun 26, Jero Demarana rated it really liked it. New interpretations of ancient writingsand new speculations on ancient mysteries.

Stephen Bel Davies Length: No Reviews are Available. Previous owners mark and wear in front of book.

To ask other readers questions about The Eyes of the Sphinxplease sign up. People who bought this also bought Danikne rated it liked it Jan 12, Sep 01, M.

The Eyes of the Sphinx: The Newest Evidence of Extraterrestial Contact in Ancient Egypt

Ken Scott rated it really liked it Jan 19, Having taken frich classes in Egyptology, it has always been a tough sell Cheops got all of this done in his slow reign, and I still find that difficult to buy into. Open Preview See a Problem?


This book is almost 20 yrs. A Erich von Daniken Book as so many Can’t argue with facts Great book. Carl Sagan, Ann Druyan Length: R rated it did not like it Aug 13, Lists with This Book. P-Town Book Tje Condition: Its a mystery I can live with.

From his books two full-length documentary films have been produced: I’m a history major, and I can slhinx to the accuracy of his facts.

It speaks volumes to the sub-concious questions we have all asked ourselves when faced with arceaological facts and evidence of the dynasties we eeys no proof of. Nov 16, George Schmoe rated it it was amazing. Oct 06, Ganesh rated it it was amazing.

The Eyes of the Sphinx Audiobook | Erich von Daniken |

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. What makes Biblio different? It is sad that the human race does not show more interest in our true creator and true history.