ERICSSON-RBS – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. The Ericsson. RBS Series Base Stations meet the challenge for reliable, wide-area. Public Safety LTE coverage. ERICSSON LTE TECHNOLOGY. The RBS is part of the RBS series of macro base station equipment designed and built by Ericsson, the world’s leading provider of LTE technology.

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Ericsson shall have no liability for any error or damage of any kind resulting from the use of this document. The DU adapter comes in two sizes and holds between 1 to 4 DUs. Values for sub-configured RBSs must be calculated from Table 3. The main parts of the RRU are the: The Main Remote RBS, in eficsson each RRU is located near an antenna, reduces feeder losses and enables the system to use the same high-performance network features at lower output power, thereby lowering power consumption and both capital and operational expenditure.

It is not necessary for basic RBS functions. The fuse and circuit breaker recommendations given in Table 8 are based on peak power consumption and give no information on power consumption during normal operation. A temperature sensor from the battery is connected to the left of ericssno PCF, and the external battery power is connected to the PCF as shown in Figure A wide range of network topologies are supported, from star to meshed networks.

The RETU enables remote tilt of the antenna system. For more information, see Section 4 on page The Site Integration Unit SIU acts as a cell-site gateway combining and optimizing all traffic from site to maximize usage of backhaul resources.

Log In Sign Up. Disclaimer The contents of this document are subject to revision without notice due to continued progress in methodology, design and manufacturing.


The RBS Series ensures a smooth migration to new functionality and new technologies with existing sites and cabinets, thus providing a path to sustained revenues and profits.

TTC MOBILE RBS 6000 Series Focus on RBS 6201 and 6601

Each node calculates its own cooling requirement; however, the primary node determines the fan speed according to the highest cooling requirement. Each PSU is connected with two cables three-wired. This solution is not earthquake proof.

The RBS supports: Battery Backup Power The battery backup power is shown in Table 9. Skip to main content. This solution reduces the length erkcsson the optical fiber cable needed and can be used in multiple applications when the RRU are located far away from the MU. NC is the default alarm condition. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. Ensure that any additional equipment being installed in the space is installed from the bottom and up.

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The baseband capacity is pooled independently of sectors and frequencies, and up to two baseband pools can exist two DUL in one Main Unit with a height of 1. The following sections describe single mode and mixed mode configurations in more details. The DU provides switching, traffic management, timing, baseband processing, and DU 1—4 radio interfacing.

Single mode allows the following combination of radio access systems: The units can be connected to each other in several different ways depending on the site setup.

RBS is built with tomorrows technology and at the same provide backwards compatibility with the highly successful RBS and RBS product lines. Ericsson recommends replacing the door filter once a year.

An alarm can be generated by two alarm conditions: Table 2 gives the values for the RBS operating environment. The following preventive maintenance conditions must be fulfilled to guarantee the availability of the RBS: Space for future expansion must be considered, as shown by the dotted line in Rb 4. The tolerant rectifiers PSU AC allow large voltage variations, which eliminates the need for external voltage stabilizers.


The SAU can handle up to 32 external alarms. Published by Warren Ross Modified over 2 years ago. Baseband resources are pooled in the DUL and the high-speed data capacity can be optimized to ercsson operator requirements for user type and number of services.

For more detailed information on cross-sectional cable areas and fuse sizes, see Section 3.

All RBS base stations support ericwson radio technologies. The door projects mm in front of the RBS when reicsson is opened, and it can be right or left hung.

New multi-purpose cabinets, an innovative common building practice for all components, modular design and an extremely high level of integration bring the functionality and capacity of an entire site down to the size of a cabinet. The RBS is a solution that can be used throughout the entire radio network where bit rate, coverage, and capacity are essential for a successful implementation.

The grounding points are located on the front of the RBS and consists of two M8 studs as shown in Figure All values stated are values for the RBS configured up to the design maximum heat load capacity. For more information refer to Digital Unit Description. Trademark List All trademarks mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners.

This is especially useful for site equipment rooms in dense urban locations, where the reduced site footprint leads to lower site rental costs. The other RRU are then connected to each other.

However, the equipment will still fulfill legal requirements and not become hazardous to people. Figure 9 shows and Table 12 describes the connection interfaces.