A podcast for intermediate and advanced learners of English. + Link IELTS: http:/ / + Link download document. Thank you for watching this video! I hope you enjoy learning English with Below. For BETTER reading experience. Contribute to laplaceliu/ESL-Podcast-script development by creating an account on GitHub.

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Send Me Two Free Lessons!

You can either listen online or download into an MP3 file. Posted by bloney at 2: The sites listed are free! About Me bloney View my complete profile. Daily English 1 – Introducing Yourself.

It is a very friendly website transscript updates weekly to add interest to keep it fresh! On most sites, the downloading of MP3 files is easy to figure out and if not so easy, I have given directions.

Get Two Free Lessons Now. This site originates in Montreal, Canada and was created by several young language teachers who are the voices on the podcasts. The listening time for each story is between minutes. So while your student is learning English he can also learn what is happening in the news. The voices on the podcasts read their scripts at a very steady understandable pace using simple yet interesting vocabulary.

Better late than neveras my father used to say. The podcasts can trajscript be listened to online with their transcripts readily available. The value of what they offer people who are trying to learn another language in order to improve their lives and the lives of their families is immeasurable.


Downloading to an MP3 file is easy and the transcripts with quizzes and lots of extra material come up on a PDF file with no problem. It took me a while to learn the ropes at the university, but I finally graduated about six years later. The topics tend to be of a light-hearted nature rather than serious subjects. ESL Podcasts with Transcripts that are suitable for students or tutors. The length of the podcasts are at least 5 minutes or more, however, they are so interesting that the time goes by quickly.

Lesson Library –

Com – Special English http: I enjoyed reading and listening to music while growing up. After teaching high school for a few years, I was transript a job in California, so I moved to Los Angeles in I had a happy childhoodfor the most part. These websites that offer free podcasts with transcripts are excellent! Free teaching materials, ESL jobs and resumes.

After working here for a few years, I went back to school— again! There are over 50 stories available and they seem to add to them on a weekly basis. There is an easily accessible archive with a vast wealth of stories going back to It is a wonderful source of short audio news stories that have available transcripts and quite involved lessons and quizzes.

Free ESL Podcasts with Transcripts

The news stories are current and there is also an archive going back to However if you wish to download the stories, use this link http: I grew up there with my parents and wslpod eight brothers and two sisters. Trznscript stories are read slowly with short sentences and limited vocabulary. You do have to register to get the transcripts, but minimal information is called for during registration.


The podcasts are usually done in a conversational form with two people discussing a topic. The websites I recommend are the ones that I regularly use. Links to this post.

Daily English – Describing Stomach Problems –

Also, their little search window is easy to use and a fast way to access various topics you may want to learn. Yes, I want this lesson Cancel. There are also interactive quizzes available. I am happily marriedand I still enjoy reading and listening to music, and of course, creating ESLPod.

I went to grade school near my house, and then to high school about two miles away from our home. I would like to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to the creators of these websites.

I was starting to become a professional student. There is a section where you can select which eslpodd you might be interested in learning including, Business English, Environment, Health, Lifestyle, Gossip, Technology and World News. Something new that has been recently added are video interviews with transcripts where you can see the person who is speaking.