: College Physics, Books a la Carte Edition (): Eugenia Etkina, Michael Gentile, Alan Van Heuvelen: Books. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Dr. Alan Van Heuvelen, a faculty member at Ohio State University, is a respected physics professor known nationally for a. Buy College Physics, AP Edition on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders.

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Pearson offers special pricing when you package your text with other student resources. Students learn physics by doing physics.

College Physics Plus Mastering Physics with eText — Access Card Package

Instructors ensure students arrive ready to learn by assigning educationally effective content before class and encourage critical thinking and retention with in-class resources such as Learning Catalytics.

Unique, Jeopardy-style end-of-chapter problems ask students to work erkina from an equation to craft a problem statement. Questions repeat until the student can answer them all correctly and confidently.

Innovative, widely praised assessment tools employ an active phyxics approach through examples, exercises, and problems that promote higher-level reasoning.

Pearson eText is available with Mastering Physics when packaged with new books or as an upgrade students can purchase online.

The modules incorporate the best that the text, Mastering Physics, and Learning Catalytics have to offer and guide instructors through using these resources in the most effective way. Work and energy 8. Sign Up Already have an access code? During the last ten years, his work has mostly focused on the research of new experiments and how to use them more productively in teaching and learning physics.

The tables help students to explore science through active discovery and critical thinking, constructing robust conceptual understanding. Explore and Apply, 2nd Edition etkin a coherent learning system that helps students learn physics by doing physics!


The work is protected by local and international copyright laws and is provided solely for the use of instructors in teaching their courses and assessing student learning.

Worked Examples, Conceptual Exercises, Quantitative Exercises, and Problem-Solving Strategies build higher-level scientific skills such as analysis, synthesis, evaluation, and experimental design. LoewenPaperback, Revised. Innovative, widely praised assessment tools employ an active learning approach through examples, exercises, and problems that promote higher-level reasoning. Observational Experiment Tables and Testing Experiment Tables Redesigned for clarity in the 2nd Edition, these tables encourage students to become accountable for learning physics as they make observations, analyze data, identify patterns, test hypotheses, and predict outcomes.

In the last ten years, he has worked with Professor Etkina in the development of the Investigative Science Learning Environment ISLEwhich integrates the results of physics education research into a learning system that places considerable emphasis in helping students develop science process abilities while learning physics.

Pose questions in a variety of question types to help students develop critical thinking skills Monitor responses to find out where students are struggling Use real-time data to adjust instructional strategy Manage student interactions by automatically grouping students for discussion, teamwork, and peer-to-peer learning.

Motion in One Dimension 2.

Explore and Apply Subscription2nd Edition. Reflection and refraction ftkina A four-step problem-solving approach A four-step problem-solving approach in worked examples consistently uses multiple representations to teach students how to solve complex physics problems. Explore and Apply, 2nd Edition.

Etkina, Gentile & Van Heuvelen, College Physics | Pearson

Second law of ehkina Direct Measurement Videos These short videos show real situations of physical phenomena. Students can observe the exact experiment described in the tables. Accompanying questions are available in Mastering Physics to build skills essential to success in physics.

About the Book An active learning approach encourages students to construct an understanding of physics concepts and laws in the same ways that physicists acquire knowledge.


Etkina College Physics Textbooks

You may also like. Mastering Physics now provides students with the new Physics Primer for remediation of math skills needed in the college physics course. Preview this title online.

End-of-chapter problems have undergone careful analysis using Mastering Physics usage data to provide fine-tuned difficulty ratings and to produce a more varied, useful, and robust set of problems.

See any of the following pages for a complete listing of packages available: Unbound saleable with Access Card. Mirrors and Lenses We don’t recognize your username or password. Active Learning Guide for College Physics. Reasoning skills boxes focus on a particular skill, such as drawing a motion diagram, force diagram, or work-energy bar chart.

Students learn to represent physical phenomena in multiple ways using words, figures, and equations, including qualitative diagrams and innovative bar charts that create a foundation for quantitative reasoning and problem solving.

Ready-to-Go Teaching Modules Ready-to-Go Teaching Modules created for and by instructors make use of teaching tools for before, during, and after class, including new etina for in-class activities. The authors believe students learn physics bestby doing physics. We don’t recognize your username or password.

Etkina, Planinsic & Van Heuvelen, College Physics: Explore and Apply, 2nd Edition | Pearson

No ratings or reviews yet. Impulse and linear momentum 7. About this product Synopsis College Physics is the first text to use an investigative learning approach to teach introductory physics.