Start planning your Eurail adventure here. You can see the average train travel times between all the big European cities on the train map below. Wherever you . Look up train times and useful information any time, any place with the best Rail Planner App in the market. It even works offline. Look up European trains and their departure times in our timetable and check out our railway map with approximate travel times. You can also download our.

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Sometimes, even months surail they pack their bags. How to make reservations – online or in person. In the UK, use www. There are some significant changes planned forso come back here in January for an update. Want to know more about Eurail Passes?

Everything you need to know about Eurail |

Back to top Finland Eurail passes give unlimited travel on If you have a flexi-type pass you don’t need to use up a day. Easily identify which trains you need to reserve. Going from A to B? Yes, I’d like to receive the weekly newsletter with travel tips and special offers from Eurail. trsin

Train Times In Europe| Trains Timetable and Travel Times

So choose the correct Eurail pass for where you intend to go and for the length of time you need using the advice on choosing a Eurail pass below. For example, direct trains from Paris to Lyon leave several times an hour timetabpe most mornings. With a single Eurail train pass you can travel in up to 28 countries, hopping off along the way to experience Europe’s most fascinating cities, monuments, eurrail breathtaking scenery.


Passes are not valid on the Moscow-Paris Express at all.

Now work out point to point fares following the advice trin the How to buy European train tickets page which tells you which website to use for which European journey to get the cheapest prices, based on the city in which that journey starts. Unlike bus travel it’s high comfort.

Don’t worry that it says InterRail when your pass is a Eurail as the reservation is exactly the same for either pass type. Trip Planner and Timetable Sections: The pass is emailed to you. Rail Europe has tinetable pretty good system for choosing which rail pass or combination of passes would be best eueail you, depending on which countries you’re visiting, how many days actual train travel you plan to do, an how many total days you plan to spend in each country.

All train times for the Eurostar high-speed train include a minute boarding time.

Eurail train timetable

Most Portuguese long distance trains require reservation before boarding. Trenord – Train Timetable. The cost can be significant if you’re visiting the pass-unfriendly countries! Copenhagen to Stockholm by X mph train No supplement on local or even IC trains.

For complete go-as-you-please freedom to explore Europe, buy a railpass Children inclusive get a free Eurail pass when accompanying an adult, but they still need timeetable pay any relevant reservation fees. It really is that simple! Want more train travel tips? On some trains, a reservation is mandatory. Get on board Be the first to know about our latest deals, like our winter SALE, and receive a free travel magazine.


European Railway Map

Its possible to make a reservation online at www. On this page we explain to you everything you need to know about this handy tool. There’s advice on understanding the different types of UK rail fare on the Train travel in Britain page. A Eurail pass gives free travel eyrail buses run by CFL. Children under 12 travel at half fare – although the child age limit varies by country.

Read all about Europe’s tfain trains. In fact there’s a small marketing team based in Utrecht in the Netherlands who manage the Eurail scheme on behalf of the 26 national train operators. You have already subscribed to this newsletter! Obviously with continuous passes this isn’t an issue, the rule just applies to Flexi type Eurail passes. You have already created a cart and therefore the currency cannot be changed anymore! Thalys passholder places are controlled by a quota which can sell out even if the train isn’t full, so book sooner rather than later or use the ICE instead.

How long will your trip last? Use our timetable tool to plan your Eurail journey in greater detail. The Rail Planner App has a number of very useful features.