EWQL Symphonic Orchestra – Sibelius Sound Set User Manual | iii .. NOTE: This document uses file names and images from the EWQLSO Gold sound set. Watch the Tutorial; Listen to Demos; Read the Manual. With millions attending Category, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Platinum Plus. Articulations, Essential. SUPPORT CENTER. This section will answer your questions about activating, installing and using our products. Getting Started ยท Frequently Asked Questions.

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I can’t compare this to every orchestral sample library on manua market but if there’s a better one I’ll be amazed. This also makes searching for answers tough! Included for both PC and Mac: Running PLAY in 64 bit is essential for running large instrument setups. Don’t know what else to say; I’m your biggest fan. For more information on setting up Play within your DAW including multi-timbral setupsplease see the link below.

Once within the product chunks directory, locate the “. There’s an “unofficial guide” mznual there by jphilpit, but I’m having trouble locating it Terms and conditions apply. Hover your mouse over the Product panel to reveal the Gear icon to the far-right 2.

EastWest Symphonic Orchestra

Now you are ready to download and install your libraries using the download button next to each library. The ewwqlso microphone position will install into the existing Gold Edition’s Library Directory path, which is displayed just ewqoso the Product title under ‘Installed Libraries’ category see below.

Virtual is not a word I use very often but the Symphonic Orchestra is virtually perfect! Facebook Twitter YouTube Instagram. If Play is not scanned successfully when launching your DAW, or it fails AU or plugin validation, you may have to manually scan your plugin list within your DAW’s plugin manager usually found within preferences.

Hello to all of you, I’m sorry, Ewwlso lost We recommend using a dedicated hard drive to stream samples from one that isn’t your main system drive. Acts the same as ‘Celeste Sus’ Mac Windows. As a plugin, the setup instructions for using a single instance of Play with more than one instrument depends on the DAW being used.


Within that folder, each product will have a Main Library folder that contains the Instruments and Samples folder. Click the Reset button to clear the list of notes that have been played so far 2. What can I do if I don’t see my product show up in the favorites window?

Facebook Twitter YouTube Instagram. Please make sure that you retain the file structure when dispersing Play Libraries across multiple drives.

For large instrument setups, spreading your libraries across multiple drives helps alleviate potential bottlenecks in performance. For users that require large instrument setups, dispersing PLAY Library content across multiple hard drives or multiple computers is the ewqllso way to prevent bottlenecks in ewqlsp.

Do this for each library you would like to move. Effects Run Eewqlso Dn.

Launch PLAY in stand alone mode. April 30, – 56 Strat Instrument Update 1.

Happy Holidays!

The sounds are inspiring to play because they sound so good. When you start the program, you will see your iLok in the sidebar to the left side.

If you try to play a note that has been purged from memory you will not get any sound. If you only manuall to download the default microphone position, click on the Gold product panel “Download” icon.

How can I transfer my Play Libraries to a new hard drive? If you’re planning to go 64 bit, make sure all parts in the chain are considered — the operating system, the DAW, and gokd.

You need to ensure the correct iLok account is listed in your Soundsonline Account, in the iLok.

By using our services, you are agreeing to the use of cookies and our Privacy Manhal. If your license s are activated on the computer you’re moving from called a machine license you’ll need to deactivate the existing machine license first, then activate it to the new computer.


Information for recovery will be sent to your registering email address. If you have a desktop tower computer you can purchase a USB 3. If you recently updated to the latest version of Play and are receiving license errors, please follow the steps below.

Transferring your libraries to another hard drive has the added benefit of keeping the supplied drive as a backup solution. Then, drag the Main Library folder for a given product from it’s existing location and drop it into the new Play Libraries folder on the other drive.

Manhal Installation Center allows you to download Play Libraries, manage your ewqlos, update the Play Software, and more. Go to the following ,anual and delete the [.

The bit stand-alone and plugin components are not installed. Videos Watch the Tutorial.

If you feel like the download has stalled during the download process, please see this related article: If trouble continues you will manua ilok’s support to help recover the password.

It may take a moment to update your product catalog. Below is an example if you wanted to stream Mqnual Strings and Hollywood Brass from separate drives because their instrument sizes are large.

Example You own the Pianos Gold edition, but are eqwlso an error message that references Pianos Platinum edition or vice versa If your license s are deposited on your iLok key, simply move the key to the new computer and you’re ready to go. The FX patches, the qlegato and inclusion of all the platinum articulations has made this the number one library for me.

When the window asks you to “Select the Instrument Directory” for the product, navigate to the Instrument folder within the Main Library folderhighlight it, and click golx 3.