ODS (on-disk structure) is a number representing version of the database physical layout structure. When a new feature is added to the Firebird it might or might. In simple words, ODS (On-Disk Structure) is a number of database file format for the particular Firebird or InterBase RDBMS version. Almost all. Map the engine version to native ODS version using Firebird documentation or a bare bone database and extracts the ODS version with direct file access.

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Currently we have only one flag, for endianness. As it was said before, the last oda was ODS 10, and since then Firebird 2. If it does, the ODS number must increase. Starting with Firebird 3.

Back then it was expected Interbase be kept opensource and re-use Firebird project code. Sometimes server may upgrade old ODS to some newer one, without notification. The most popular platforms—Windows and Linux figebird bit —were not affected by the change.

What is ODS version and how to retrieve it?

So, the minor upgrade of ODS makes incompatible virebird within same major server version. It is likely to be abandoned in a future version. IB 7 would not open FB 2 database and vice versa – they have different internal formats ODSwhile both now separate projects gave them the same version number. Maximum database size is increased to 2 32 pages previously 2 31 pages.


Protocol and client library version. Per-table performance counters have been added to all of the monitoring tables. It will show something like can’t format message It is dangerous to work with ODS 9.

Later, it could be extended up to the 2 63 limit. It will show something like. If your program can ensure those firebirc, then it can work.

Firebird On-Disk-Structure (ODS) List – (HIME) Hall of Information & Materials from Estream

Not affiliated with Stack Overflow. Do you find this FAQ incorrect or incomplete? ODS on-disk structure is a number representing version of the database physical layout structure. To retrieve it you can use the Firebird API, or simply use the tool that reads it for you it’s on properties page of each database in FlameRobin.

Historically, transaction ID space was limited to odw 31 transactions, counted from the time the database was created. You have to create dummy database and then drop it.

User and password here kds, because gstat with —h option just read physical part of the database header page, number 0. For non-Windows and non-Intel-Linux platforms, developers could not perform all the required checks.

Wrong ODS version, expected 11, encountered 11 — Firebird 2. When a new feature is added to Firebird it might or might not require the structure of database pages or system tables database metadata to change. We use cookies to make your experience of our websites better.


If you only have remote connection to the server and you can log into the database, but you have no access firebkrd the database file itself, then starting with Firebird 2. That is not going to work, because Firebird 2.

What is ODS version and how to retrieve it?

For shared memory aka XNET protocol, it contained the local host name. For example, we have migrated the database which SQL script was 55 Megabytes, with more than stored procedures, tables and several thousands of ad hoc SQL queries, in less than 3 months.

This ifrebird lead to the impossibility of returning to the version back. The maximum number of pages that can be configured for the database cache depends on whether the database is running under bit or bit Firebird:. Its option -h outputs the header page information, which contains the ODS:. Its option -h outputs the header page information, which contains the ODS: Note A legacy provider for databases with ODS 8 to Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.