Fortean Times # (April ) · Fortean Times # (May ) · Fortean Times # (Special ) · Fortean Times # (June ). Fortean Times # (March ) · Fortean Times # (April ) · Fortean Times # (May ) · Fortean Times # (June ). Posts about Fortean Times written by Dr David Clarke. I’m bringing in with two new books and the cover story in Fortean Times in what should prove to.

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But I like eccentric and interesting people. In the Spring ofhe had paid for ads in the London Timesthe Los Angeles Times and other newspapers decembet. Copernicus, the Man and His Universe.

Fortean Times | SO IT GOES – John Fleming’s blog

Book review — Eyes on the Sky: Every month Fortean Times takes you on an incredible ride where you’ll enjoy learning about the most fantastic phenomena on earth. We did a trilogy of shows in Edinburgh and Steve got me interested in science.

Holborn Directions Facebook event page. Spotting Faces in a Crowd.

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They stood no chance, through no fault of theirs, which exposes the decemberr against improvisational comedy being successful; by its nature, it is always hit-and-miss; you are sometimes totally dependent on the audience.


Strange results from a parental decision in Birmingham, UK. Fill in the form below to send an email confirming your cancellation request. Most of these millions of events are totally forgettable. Skip to main content. The truth was so beyond belief that there is no way of manipulating it and comedy usually requires the re-arrangement of reality.

The odds against unlikely events and coincidences always seem to me to be misquoted. Fish, Flesh or Fowl? Letter about redundant columns in architecture.


The study of folklore is centrally and crucially important ‘in our attempts to understand our own behaviour and that of our fellow human beings’ according to one scholarly definition. A Graphic Guide Issue Januarypage Filed under EccentricsReligionStrange phenomena. The other problem is that, by their nature, improvisation groups are often reliant on their audiences for inspiration. One of my ambitions has always been to take a voyage beyond the Arctic Circle in search of the elusive aurora borealis, or Northern Lights.

But it is not so amazing. Publication Month see all. The Search for Habitable Worlds in the Universe.

It was founded in to continue the work of Charles Fort. Last night, there was a very good line-up in the New Variety Lives! ForteanTimes Fortean Times is a monthly magazine of news, reviews and research on strange phenomena and experiences, curiosities, prodigies and portents. But, then, maybe all performers are. During the past six months I have contributed to five Fortean-themed podcasts reflecting the range of my UFO and legend-related research interests.


Book review — Ten Billion Tomorrows cf. Timex then talked about a date in which he had taken his prospective girlfriend to a restaurant.

London Fortean Society

I saw Ivan Brackenbury — Tom Binns — do everything himself and I think it was seeing that which inspired me to do it myself. You may also enjoy Apparently he had been going to reveal his identity in the telepathic television broadcast. After he had helped us thus, his eyes foetean to their amiable Uncle Benjamin state and, presumably, I was in a higher state of consciousness though, alas, too stupid to realise it.