Friedemann Tischmeyer: Internal Mixing (Book/DVD) (Friedemann Tischmeyer, Tischmeyer Publishing, Books and DVDs / Videos, 08 August , ATKIME2). Friedemann Tischmeyer: Internal Mixing (Tutorial DVD Volume 2) (Friedemann Tischmeyer, Tischmeyer Publishing, DVDs / Videos, 11 August , ATKIM2). Here, Friedemann Tischmeyer details strategies for fleshing out the mix: Internal Mixing is aimed primarily at those mixing pop, rock or jazz.

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Friedemann Tischmeyer

Please fill out all required fields. Once logged inyou will be able to click on those chapter titles and jump around in the video. What do you have to say? I like these videos, event though they are on the dry side.

Terms knternal use pureMix Online Inc. Parts of this site and some files are only accessible to pureMix Pro Members or available to purchase. Please see below our membership plans or add this video to your shopping cart. I struggled stay concentrated with the frieeemann voice and extremely slow pace of the whole thing. Master effortlessly with 3 plug-ins.


With every dense and hypercompressed mix that showed up in my workflow, I became more certain of the flawed logic in ‘louder is better’. Please fill out all required fields. Terms of use pureMix Online Inc. As for the vocals, they are very often the center of attention in a song, and it’s very important to give them the space and definition that they need.

With a year career and references ranging from Steely Dan and Johnny Cash to Alan Parsons, Friedemann Tischmeyer is a renowned mastering engineer and a leading expert in the fields of loudness and psycho acoustics.


After all, only music that provides a positive listening experience has real market value. What do you have to say? Here are some of the topics dealt with in the vocal section: More dynamics, same loudness. But in recent years, my focus has begun to shift to independent artists and musicians that tend to be friiedemann interested in sound quality — and that piqued my curiosity about dynamic range.

How loud is too loud? For us german speaking folks it is extremely distracting to listen to the english voiceover while having the german original in the background.

Yes its technical, but its a awesome series, will dig in deeper when I watch again! There was a lot to mixlng in and a lot to think about.

Internal Mixing: Module 9 – Bass & Vocals |

In this final module, you will learn how to edit and treat individual instruments such as bass and vocals, in order to improve your mixing skills and therefore friedemanj overall quality of your mixes.

Once logged inyou will be able to click on those chapter titles and jump around in the video. Hey Puremix, any chance to get the original german audio stream for this video series? The advanced side-chain loudness matching can also be used to audition signal paths, without the ‘improvement’ frisdemann increased loudness, to understand precisely how tiscjmeyer effects, such as compression, can change the sound with no influence from the loudness enhancement.

Still learning stuff though so I suppose thats what counts. I will have to watch this again after I’ve had the chance to digest and try out what was given. So that should not be a problem.

Internal Mixing : Friedemann Tischmeyer :

Friedemznn presentation in this video seems a lot more technical and maybe not as much fun as watching Fab’s videos And, inwe founded the Pleasurize Music Foundation, a global umbrella organization that seeks to re-establish dynamic range as the most important means of expression in all genres of music. I am typing down and writing down some principles in mixing while watching it: Thank you very much indeed for offering this series.


I have adopted Mixnig to augment my own loudness metering tools in the classroom as well as my mastering and mixing projects.

Yes I guess I should have read this. It is not in german. Over the past decade, Friedemann has developed a complete mixing and mastering curriculum that he now teaches through his Mastering Academy www. Please see below our membership plans or add this video to your shopping cart. Hypercompressed audio will be at a distinct disadvantage, and music that has been produced with a broader dynamic range will sound richer and more satisfying. MasterCheck is a fantastic tool for enabling engineers to adapt to the new world of dynamic range and make a gradual transition.

More than any other audio technology vendor today, NUGEN Audio has embraced the idea of dynamic range as the key to producing a mixijg that is pleasing to the listener and presents the music as it was originally intended. I also would have preferred them in german with english subtitles. Great site, great information, thanks!