Uploaded by. Vladimir Đorđević · B Pribičević – geodezija u gradjevinarstvu, zagreb, pdf. Uploaded by. Geodezija – Oprema i instrumenti za geodeziju. GPS uredjaji. FOIF proizvodi GPS uređaje za sve vrste geodetskih merenja u niskogradnji. 9. juna je na Arhitektonsko-građevinsko-geodetskom fakultetu Univerziteta u Banjaluci održana prezentacija BIM rješenja za geodeziju i.

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Surveyingworksfor the designandconstruction of bridges, Geodeticbasis forthe purpose of buildingthe bridge, surveying works forstaking outthe bridge. The rightto exemption fromthe written examexercisestudentswho achievea minimumscore of 2out ofbothpreliminary exams.

Knowledge and understanding – Understand the role of geodesy, geoinformatics and spatial data in modern world, demonstrate competences in measuring systems, methods and technologies of measurement and spatial data collection. Course geoodezija Rinaldo Paar 1.

The aim of the course is to teach students the specifics of engineering geodesy, and theoretical and practical knowledge of engineering geodesy.

Make stakingout elaborate of construction.

Sažeti opis Inženjerska geodezija

The final assessmentis madeofthe success oftheactivities:. Optional literature at the time of submission of study programme proposal. Design practice-makingmodelof pathforlong jump. Studijski program preddiplomski, diplomski, integrirani prediplomskii 1. Dostupnost putem ostalih medija. Explainandapply methods ofstakingout pointsanddirections.


Exemption geodeziia written part ofthe examis valid for allregularexamination periods any of the four testperiod.

Raspored nastave u zimskom semestru ak. Define thelongitudinal and transverseprofilesof roads. Course enrolment requirements and entry competences required for the course. Quality assurance methods that ensure the acquisition of exit competences.

Informacije o e-kolegiju

Consultations- repeatingthe entirecourse material. Status of the course obligatory 1. Izmjene i dopune Plana nabave roba, radova i usluga za Design practice-oral presentationof thirdproject. Study programme undergraduate, graduate, integrated.

Pomaci i deformacije V: Izrade projektnih zadataka – 4 zadatka 2. Determine theassessment ofthe accuracyof different methods for stakingout buildings. Ivan Jakopec Suradnik ica: In the practical application of these methods the emphasis is on their application on the road construction. If thestudent does notdeliverthe written part ofthe examby means of preliminary exams he is gfodezija totake the writtenpart attheregular examination periods.

Grading and evaluating student work in class and at the final exam In writing: Field exercises-stakingout axisof long jump path. Learning outcomes expected at the level of the course 4 to 10 learning outcomes.


Exercises-Projectnumber 2 -Quality assessment ofdifferent methods for staking out points determination of the accuracyof different methods for stakingout points. Accessingthetwopreliminary exams inwhich studentssolvecomputationalandtheoretical tasks.

Naslovnica E-kolegiji Studiji Studij geodezije i geoinformatike niskograrnji preddiplomski 6. Learning outcomes at the level of the programme to which the course contributes. Other as the proposer wishes to add Studentsare expected torespectthe principles ofacademic integritywhich are regulated bythe Code of Ethicsof the University available at: Required literature available in the library and via other media.

Handbuch Ingenieurvermessung, Band niskogrxdnji, Grundlagen, 2. Level of application of e-learning level 1, 2, 3percentage of online instruction max.

Osnovni pojmovi i podjele javnih cesta V: Field exercises-stakingout objectaxisonbatter boards. Igor Grgac Suradnik ica: