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() Miichi, Ken, Farouk, Omar (eds.), Southeast Asian Muslims in the era of globalization, pp. 61 – (Part of book). Download/Full Text. Open Access. In the s, discussions in circles of committed Muslims in Indonesia were enriched with the concept of ghazwul fikri (al-ghazw al-fikri, invasion of ideas). Ghazwul FIKRI updated their profile picture. April 3 ·. Ghazwul FIKRI’s photo. Like Comment. See All. Photos. Image may contain: text. Image may contain: one or.

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Ghazwul Fikri by Ahmad Faisal on Prezi

The government relied on these institutes to create a class of 8 The incorporation into the British Empire gave Malaya an orientation towards India that was to endure long after independence. This shifting orientation in self-identity occurred under the influence of both internal and external factors. Challenges for Mission in Early 21st Century. Orthodox Islam as opposed to syncretistic Javanism has long been dominated here by four large pesantrens, located around and at some distance from the city of Cirebon, which remain very influential in the cultural and political life of the region.

Both sent envoys to the Netherlands Indies, leading to a lasting presence of the Ahmadiyah in Indonesia. State Ghazwil of Islamic Studies. As these organizations have discovered that they were to some extent losing control of their constituencies — some mosques and schools ghazwuul taken over by Hizb ut-Tahrir or PKS ghazwu, — they have begun making efforts to consolidate themselves and defend their turf against further takeovers.

The consolidation of new transnational Islamic movements The last decade of the New Order had allowed Islamist voices a certain freedom of expression, although the moderate voices of Nurcholish and his circle continued to be endorsed by the state and received most press coverage.

Jabali, Fuad and Jamhari, eds. The arrival of transnational Islamic movements in the region made it possible for fikdi to skip the stage of the established national organizations and become part of a fimri community. The son often expressed his concern with all the things ghazwull thought were wrong in their country, its loss of moral strength, pride and confidence, and its surrender to foreign cultural domination. Only from the s onwards was there a significant shift to the dissemination of more strictly apolitical, Salafi literature.

Cornell Southeast Asia Program, http: However, as the definition of the conflict gradually changed — the ethnic conflict between Jews and Arabs became a national one pitting Ghszwul against Israelis, and ultimately one between Muslim and Judeo-Christian civilization — Palestinian Arabs increasingly came to be seen as fellow Muslims, and anti- colonial solidarity was reframed as religious solidarity.


Foreign scholars were invited to teach at IAINs. Islam on the Move: In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the dominant global flows impacting on Indonesia, each supported by communities of settlers, hailed from three powerful centres: The communications revolution due to the new electronic media — video cassettes and VCDs Video Compact Diskssatellite television, Internet and mobile telephony — enabled Indonesians to be eyewitnesses to important events in other parts of the Muslim world and to identify more strongly with Muslim struggles across the globe.

In a departure from previous government policy, street demonstrations by radical Muslim groups were allowed, especially when protesting distant issues such as Israeli policies in occupied Palestine. Arab Political Thought and Practice Since The iconic representative of this particular response, the prolific journalist Muhammad Jalal Kishk, wrote no less than four books with al-ghazw al-fikri in the title.

It was only by the late s that the issue of Palestine and the struggle against Zionism could mobilize significant numbers gyazwul Indonesians. Muslims across the spectrum, from secular-minded liberals and progressives to Islamists and Salafis, have in various ways incorporated some influences of Western origin or mediated by actors in the West as well as influences traceable to the Middle East, alongside yet other influences. Political Activism and Transnational Linkages.

A perusal of relevant journals may yet show up earlier usage of the term in the late s, but these are the books one finds often quoted by later Indonesian authors.

The Madrasa in Asia: As elsewhere, in Cirebon these new movements have had some success in converting abangan, nominal Muslims adhering to syncretistic beliefs and practices, to their worldview.

Whereas there had never been, in spite of bhazwul anti-Zionist rhetoric, a call for Indonesian Muslims to join a jihad against the occupation of Palestine, the Afghan war — as mentioned above — attracted small groups of Indonesian would-be warriors, who travelled to Pakistan to receive training and do jihad. Since then, more raids have followed and the local authorities, feeling under pressure, closed down the Ahmadi mosques and forbade the Ahmadis to congregate fikdi worship.

Al Ghazwul Fikri by Eliza Riviera Rachmawati Jasin on Prezi

gjazwul Like the battle cries of the anti-globalization movement, the term ghazwul fikri is itself a symptom of globalization. The city has several modern universities, but none of these can compete with those of the big cities. There is no modern industry worth mentioning; the most 19 See the contributions by Najib Burhani and Martin van Bruinessen in: The adoption of foreign ideas and practices has always been selective, and made in accordance with perceived local needs.


Let me open a parenthesis here, and relate my own first encounter with debates on authenticity, soon after I had arrived in Bandung for an extensive period of fieldwork there fiiri Remember me on this computer.

Fahmina itself is firki by the numbers that the radical Islamist groups in Cirebon can mobilize, but as long as it maintains its connections with the pesantrens, it will remain able to call upon the support of the much larger masses that ghazul loyal to the kiais and the NU. Similarly, not all Indonesians studying in Saudi Arabia or at the Saudi-funded institute LIPIA in Jakarta became converted to Salafi views; among the graduates we find several of the most vocal liberal and progressive thinkers.

In the s, corresponding with the changing global conditions, democratic values and human rights, as well as a tendency towards Perennialist and Sufi thought became increasingly salient. Their concern was primarily with the pesantren subculture, which in fact also reflected Arab and Indian Ocean influences in its expressions of devotion for the Prophet and the high prestige accorded to his descendants, as well as in the use of religious song and recitation and percussion instruments in popular performances.

Awareness of conflicts in the Middle East — the Israeli— Palestinian conflict, Iranian—Saudi rivalries, the Afghan jihad and its aftermath — spread as more students returned from study in the Gulf or Egypt.

Like the colonial administration, networks of Muslim learning and trade transcended ethnic boundaries; for both, moreover, the Malay language, with its numerous Arabic loanwords, was the preferred medium of communication.

Ghazwul fikri or Arabization? Indonesian Muslim responses to globalization

Some deliberate fukri of tradition was going on during my fieldwork period: Gerakan Ahmadiyah di Indonesia. See the discussion in HasanChapter 4.

The protest might not have taken this particular form, however, and would certainly not have been as massive as it became, if it had not been for active efforts by Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states to spread their brand of Martin van Bruinessen, Ghazwul fikri or Arabization?