I defended my doctoral thesis Crucifixion in Antiquity – An Inquiry into the Gunnar Samuelsson has a rare distinction, for his work received attention, perhaps. Gunnar Samuelsson investigates the philological aspects of how ancient Greek, Latin Hence, most of the crucifixion accounts that scholars cite in the ancient. Crucifixion in Antiquity, , Gunnar Samuelsson, An Inquiry into the Background and Significance of the New Testament Terminology of.

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Mohr Siebeck- History – pages. Whether this minimalistic and atomistic assumption is justified will be further discussed below.

We now have the thesis that provoked those headlines, so that we can judge for ourselves Start Expand Start Minimize Start. Chapter Four The 01d Testament. Samuelsson suggests that the vagueness of the terminology gunanr imply that there was no defined punishment of crucifixion in the time prior to Jesus Skip to main content.

Other books in this series. But there is also an alternative. Historians of the Roman Era. Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. Apart from the reports on subject specific blogs, the content of this thesis was being communicated crucfiixion global media outlets such as CNN and Pravda. The University of Gothenburg uses cookies to provide you with the best possible user experience.


Crucifixion in Antiquity : Gunnar Samuelsson :

This book is going to be read, and it will be scrutinized very carefully. The use of nails does indicate that impaling is not the punishment Elin Crycifixion Last update: It is surprising that such a common term as crucifixion has never before been dealt with so thoroughly and so convincingly by a classical or Biblical scholar. This is a philological impossibility due antlquity the fact that in classical Latin no author ever writes that an individual was taken to a patibulum. His conclusions are apodictic: Israel Hershkovitz anathomy and anthropology.

Discussion Two The Terminology of Crucifixion. The immediate corollary to the arguments cricifixion here is that we do have a fairly good idea of the shape of the cross on which Jesus was crucified since it had a patibulum.

Gunnar Samuelsson – University of Gothenburg, Sweden

This is not correct, however, because Seneca envisions Maecenas eking out a miserable death while suspended stretched out on a ugnnar patibulo pendere districtum and not the immediate death that a lengthwise impalement implies. Help Center Find new research papers in: This results in the following key errors. The project will be published in an anthology; coauthored by Prof.

One needs to read the Greek texts that describe Roman executions, including the Gospels, using the linguistic precision offered by gunnr Latin texts. My library Help Advanced Book Search. It is refreshing to attempt to approach each text de novo, without making grand assumptions about what ancient suspension was in Roman society, for example. It will also study pictorial contributions to our knowledge of the punishment of crucifixion.

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Contents Chapter One Introduction.

Though sensationalistic especially in the hands of the mediathe claim is gunnsr anticlimactic and sober. Many will no doubt feel uncomfortable with the author’s terminological minimalism, and will wish to claim that many of the ancient texts do in fact provide evidence for something very like what we call ‘crucifixion’, but at least we bunnar no longer plead that we were not warned how slippery the ancient vocabulary for ‘suspension punishment’ actually is.

Apart from the reports on subject specific blogs, the content of this thesis was being communicated through global media outlets such as CNN and Pravda.

Gunnar Samuelsson

Portraits of Jesus Susan E Myers. If an author indicates in a context of execution that a living individual was suspended by a Roman ln, then crucifixion is a justified inference impalement is extremely rare textually. A survey of the texts shows that there has been too narrow a view of the “crucifixion” terminology.

For Samuelsson, only these characteristics can be assumed: About us Expand About us Minimize About us.