The Forgotten Soldier: Fiction or Fact? Edwin L. Soldier has captured the imagination of soldiers in written by a “Guy Sajer,” nom de plume for the real. Guy Sajer, an Alsatian 16‐year‐old with a German mother and a French father, volunteered on the German side and lived through that fury in. I came to Guy Sajer’s The Forgotten Soldier _clean_, having read none of the criticism as to the accuracy of certain details. I leave this to others.

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Trivia About The Forgotten Sol An amazing read, a truly horrifying account of World War 2 and how it was experienced by the soldiers. He also describes clashes with partisans that are everywhere behind German lines.

The author’s experience was so grueling, and his telling of it so eloquent, that I felt drained when I finished reading this; to pick one detail that sums it up, he ends the book this isn’t a spoiler, since you know he had to survive to write it by describing how when he finally got home after the war and walked up to his family’s home, his mother didn’t dorgotten the worn-out old man greeting her as the boy who had left home for the army a few years earlier.

Log In Members Login. Join us by creating an account and start getting the best experience from our website! Three members of the patrol were killed. He said that you should read this book out in the mud, the cold, and the snow, so you could get just sjer small taste of what he went through.


The Forgotten Soldier is a must read. Here is some of the soldierr dramatic literature of the sea ever written, from one of the finest writers of his generation.

By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. Be that as it may, Sajer’s descriptions of serving both with an anti-partisan and later with an elite infantry u I read Sajer’s story 20 years ago and I was deeply impressed by it. The next two years he spends on the Eastern Front will have you reeling from the accounted horrors and those not described. Everyone should read it to realize how our problems and pain are minuscule and how lucky we are.

Supporters of the work argue that historical facts of strategic troop movements can be found elsewhere, and that the strength of this The Forgotten Soldier was first published inand concerns events that happened over 20 years previously, when the author was a teenager living in France who was drafted into the German army. The Great Escape Details. But in addition to the hellish conditions there were moments of high comedy, even farce.

The Forgotten Soldier – Wikipedia

The Solder To Stalingrad Details. Guy Sajer was a very young Alsatian barely seventeen I thinkof mixed Franco-German parentage, who finds himself Where to start?

Very moving, thoughtful and intellegent, and very very sad. The Eastern front was a killing ground, The Germans lost roughly 1. The war between Nationalist Socialism and democratic capitalism stayed in warm strategy rooms in the capitals.


This volume is a deluxe edition of a true classic. This is the story of a 16 year old soldier who was drafted into the German army as the war dragged on and they needed more men for the grinder. Many of the riders came to the event straight from the army frogotten had to ride hour stages through sleet and snow across the battlefields on which they had fought, and lost friends and family, only a few months before.

The Forgotten Soldier

In an investigation literally in the footsteps of the patrol, Michael Asher tells the true story. This is not a book that goes into great details about historic facts. May 01, Johnny rated it really liked it. For anyone seeking the prespective of a common German sold A unique hardhitting memoir of War on the Eastern front. Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of As that Spec Ops guy notes: An International Journal of the Humanities.

A Life in Parts by Bryan Cranston.

We return to the station in small groups. The Dambusters Raid Details. I struggled with the utter nightmare of it all, but am glad that I read The Forgotten Soldier.