Hard to Be a God. Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, trans. from the Russian by Olena Bormashenko. Chicago Review (IPG, dist.), $ trade. I’ve been rereading the Strugatsky Brothers, prompted perhaps by the recent death of Boris Strugatsky. It’s been ten years or so since I last immersed myself in . But for Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, who lived and worked in the Soviet Union at One of the central novels in the Noon Universe is Hard To Be a God ().

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Le Guin, and countless others. One of the most popular Strugatsky ‘s novels, Hard to Be a God was adapted multiple times on different media.

Another philosophical conversation go Don Rumata’s conversation with ‘Arata the Beautiful,’ a man fighting for freedom from tyranny and oppression who asks Rumata to provide him with the proverbial ‘fire from heaven’ with which to strike down all the oppressors. For the film, see Hard to Be a God film. Not so with Boris and Arkady! The manuscript remained unacceptable.

The ensuing events prove that Don Reba has anticipated and prepared for this.

Filthy, Squalid, Genius: Why It’s ‘Hard to Be a God’

Do the outsiders have the moral rights to change them? Both his colleagues feel tortured by remorse, however, there is nothing to be done now.

I’ve waited a long time to read this book, due to its rarity and price, but it was thankfully recently republished xtrugatsky I had to get my hands on it, being such a fan of Soviet science-fiction and the Strugatsky brothers in particular Roadside Picnic I’m reading the translation by Onena Bormashenko and have a question for anyone who has read the earlier translation or even better in the original. Strugatsky brothers have cult following among Russian-speaking population of the territory hare the former Soviet Union.

Quotes from Hard to Be a God.

Transparently a critique of Stalinism, it caused them considerable strugatssky. The conflict arises when regime in Arkanar start killing intellectuals. Arkady Natanovich Strugatsky [Russian: The impostor was promised a position as the royal physician and was instructed to give the King a potion that was really a poison. We superior humans, who have attained the pinnacle of perfection, ship some of our own off to these developing strjgatsky to observe and indirectly help speed along the progress of the various indigenous peoples.


Sep 04, Evgeny rated it it was amazing Shelves: I find this to generally be the sign of strugatsjy Russians writers. The hubris of attempting to subject an aggregate of unpredictable, individual human actions into an iron law of historic inevitability is not new to science fiction. Anyway, you’ve made me Yes, we’re special that way, but that’s neither here nor there. The first is that Hard to be a God is ogd plotless, and pretty repetitive.

For fatal to the ignorant egoists and fanatics is the growth of a full range of culture in the people— from research in the natural sciences to the ability to marvel at great music.

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Stalinist totalitarianism’s sacrifice of individual freedom and autonomy to the iron constraints of the march towards an illusory utopia has served as the political backdrop for a number of science-fiction novels—from Yevgeny Zamyatin’s Wewritten in the earliest years of the Soviet Union, to Orwell’s By exploring the dysfunctions of that world, the Strugatskys were able to create a subversive literature that escaped the censor’s knife.

Ot maybe he’s more popular among the older generation, or in Slavic territories Rumata was so good at being undercover that he made real friends as well as real enemies.

Hard to Be a God – Wikipedia

This is one of the best books ever! The translation features an afterword by Boris Strugatsky in which he writes that the original plan for Hard To Be a God was that of a “fun story in the spirit of The Three Musketeers ” p. In the same time, the organized-crime groups of Vaga the Wheel, secretly encouraged by Don Reba, begin to pillage the city. Thus both book and film, although couched within a science-fiction frame, largely feel like fantasy works without the dragons or sorcery.

That it is 52 years old makes all the difference; that it is an excellent example of its niche solidifies the place History has given it. Jul 20, wanderer rated it it was ok Shelves: He contented himself by vocalizing several verses from the prohibited to sing secular struagtsky “I am like a scarlet flower in your little palm”, then began to snore loudly. He has the current task of investigating the disappearance of a famed scientist, Doctor Budah, who may have been kidnapped by Don Reba, the Prime Minister of Arkanar.


We follow Rumata, an observer from future utopian Earth, sent to a medieval world with a couple others under a strict rule of non-interference no killing, etcbut secretly trying to help speed up their development. Rumata’s love-interest, a young commoner named Kira, who can’t stand the brutality and horrors of tto Arkanar any longer, asks to stay in Rumata’s strugats,y. What makes this a classic, then? Earning money on the road, he was able in the spring of to pick up his mother and younger brother Boris from hungry Leningrad.

Reba — who may have served as a pawn of the Holy Order from the beginning — has become a new head of state, a magister of the Holy Order and bishop and governor of Arkanar, now the Order’s province.

Hard to Be a God

Roadside Picnic remains their best known work but I don’t think there is much between that book and Hard To Be a God to be honest. Although Strjgatsky To Be a God was written four years before Soviet tanks rolled into Prague to “correct” the natural progression of history, the allegory is unmistakable. Dad became sick and died in Bd. Dick is to American film and television: Rumata learned the answer.

One of the central novels in the Noon Universe is Hard To Be a Godwhich for the last fifty years has only been available in a double translation—from Russian to English via German.

Their main principle resembles Star Trek’s ‘prime directive’ of non-interference. Strugatsky brothers have cult following on the territory of the former Soviet Union. I would recommend this book for fans of classic science fiction and more literary science fiction. Hard to Be a God Russian: And each new day gives rise to a gox horror of evil and violence.