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Download Herb Dewey – Psychobabble. Description. Download Herb Dewey – Psychobabble Free in pdf format. Sponsored Ads. Shop Now. Ads by Amazon. Results 1 – 6 of 6 Herb Dewey. You Searched For: herb dewey (author/artist etc.) . PSYCHO- BABBLE [Paperback] [Jan 01, ] Dewey, Herb. Dewey, Herb. Psychic Herb Dewey – A proud and admitted fraud General Skepticism Google books mentions one called “Psycho-babble: by the king of the.

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Have you attempted to contact a medium? I did just finish Mark Edward’s book Psychic Blues: And we know how very, very many of them are like you in that they are insistent that the reading was too exact, too inexplicable, too amazingly predictive to be anything but real, and they cling to this even when the evidence does not warrant it, which so far is every time.

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Have a very close relationship? As far away from casebro as possible.

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Tell me, please, do you think that there are any customers of other self-proclaimed psychics hetb are as sure as you that their readings must indicate real psychic powers and yet who are mistaken anyway?

As a tale of one man being exploited, it is well worth reading. Find More Posts by abaddon. Like admitting they are just frauds? The problem is that you have only a story.


Please leave your email after payment. If this man was using magic techniques to be do readings – I’d love to read the book that taught him to do what he did for me.

Page 1 of 2. Missed it by that much. Last edited by Tale ; 11th July at Originally Posted by martapatterson The thing is; I had no situation. Your “proof” is unconvincing, and more correctly spelled “random words”. Please tell us what you think and share your opinions with others. Originally Posted by martapatterson His phone number was on the front of the flyer. Reviews require prior approval before they will be displayed.

Finally, you have indicated that you entered that session on a whim and left in tears to meet your husbands for lunch. The man responsible for the fraud not hoax eventually admited that it was just that. If you think that you have evidence to the contrary, feel free. Did he mean give birth to? The only proof I have are the notes he penned on the back of his flyer. I take that “random words” are the notes he jotted down.

Originally Posted by martapatterson As I was going through my box of photos I came across an Herb Dewey flyer with his handwriting on the back.

Psychic Herb Dewey – A proud and admitted fraud – International Skeptics Forum

Fake, fraud or whatever – Herb Dewey was good at what he did. So are David Blaine and Uri Geller. Please consider registering so you can gain full use of the forum features and interact with other Members. They also had the text “Cold Reading” on them.


It’s possible to make a pretty good guess based on your age and statistics. Herb Dewey – Psycho-Babble PDF This book is written in an informal style and consists of a series of ideas that the cold reader can use to increase the likelihood of a hit.

The ideas presented expand on the first two books in the series and are useful for fine tuning an existing cold reading system. My guess is that it was more of a ballpark figure and you are giving him credit for “close enough. He said to me and wrote it down.

You care for your sisters three kids in your home? Psychic Herb Dewey – A proud and admitted fraud So I was doing some research on psychics and I came across Herb Dewey, a proclaimed psychic who is deceased.

Herb Dewey – Psychobabble

People interested in this topic might find entertaining: Find More Posts by Ron Swanson. Sorry for your loss. And there’s a reason.

As to the number of children you would “mother: There is no evidence that any such exist. James Randi wrote the foreward.