In the past decade, HIFU ablation has emerged as a modality for palliative treatment of pancreatic tumors. Multiple preclinical and non-randomized clinical trials. HIFU appears to be an effective tool for pain palliation in advanced pancreatic cancer. Studies assessing treatment in patients with pancreatic. Request PDF on ResearchGate | HIFU for Palliative Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer | High intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) is a novel.

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Acoustic energy is absorbed and heat is generated by delivering ttreatment acoustic intensities to tissue. HIFU treatment of the pancreas appears to be safe when the device is operated properly. The interval spacing in the z direction is mm.

HIFU for palliative treatment of pancreatic cancer

Such miniature endoscopic systems are not yet available commercially, but are currently in development. To cite this article please use the text below.

By using tdeatment website, cookies are being used as described in our Policy Document. Applying slight abdominal pressure to the target area also helps to displace gas and clear the acoustic window.

HIFU for Palliative Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer.

Shock-induced heating and millisecond boiling in gels and tissue due to high intensity focused ultrasound. Support Center Support Center. In a Chinese study including patients treated with HIFU for advanced pancreatic carcinoma, the majority of those with locally advanced unresectable stage had an improvement of abdominal pain control and local symptoms because of reduction in tumour mass size [ 15 ].

C A lesion containing liquefied tissue may be produced by very short, high-amplitude nonlinear HIFU pulses. Visit for more related articles at JOP. The precise mechanism that HIFU treatment palliates pain requires further investigation. Components include a treatment table with upper and lower high intensity focused ultrasound transducers AB-mode ultrasound imaging system Band computer control system C.

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In HIFU the radiating surface is usually spherically curved, so pxlliative the ultrasound wave is focused at the center of curvature in a similar fashion to the way a magnifying lens can focus a broad light beam into a small focal spot Figure 2A.

The results suggest that HIFU treatment of pancreatic cancer is safe and appears to palliate pain related to pancreatic cancer. Reproduced with permission Yuande Biomedical Engineering Corp. In most applications that utilize the thermal effect of HIFU the goal is to induce cell necrosis in tissue from thermal injury.

The motion occurs in response to the alternating compression and rarefaction of the surrounding liquid as the acoustic wave ofr through it. Both HIFU devices and diagnostic ultrasound imagers utilize ultrasound waves with frequencies typically ranging camcer 0. Concurrent gemcitabine and high-intensity focused ultrasound therapy in patients with locally advanced pancreatic cancer.

Tissue erosion using shock wave heating and millisecond boiling in high intensity ultrasound field.

Therefore, it is critical to evacuate the gas in the stomach and colon if possible. Anaplastic pancreatic carcinoma APC is a highly malignant cancer arising hkfu epithelial lineage.

Cavitation activity is the major mechanism that is utilized when mechanical damage to tissue is a goal. B-mode ultrasound is also used in both machines for targeting and image guidance.

HIFU for Palliative Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer.

All 8 patients had pain related to pancreatic cancer prior to initiating HIFU therapy with all patients obtaining relief of pain symptoms within 48 hours following HIFU therapy. Conclusions Although this retrospective study has significant limitations, preliminary results suggest that the clinical application of high intensity focused ultrasound for pancreatic cancer appears to be safe and is a promising modality of treatment for palliation of pain related to pancreatic pancreaitc.


The transducer is made of individual piezoceramic elements and is concave with a geometric focus of 26 cm.

High intensity focused ultrasound: The objective of this article is to provide an overview of the physical principles of HIFU therapy and to review the current status of clinical application of HIFU for pancreatic cancers. The median survival for stage II was Preclinical in vivo evaluation of an extracorporeal HIFU device for ablation of pancreatic tumors.

In the earliest study the pancreata of 12 common swine were successfully treated in vivo using the FEP-BY02 device, without any significant adverse effects such as skin burns or evidence for pancreatitis during the 7-day post-treatment observation period Pancreatitis was an important safety concern because the mechanical effects of HIFU can cause cell lysis and release of pancreatic enzymes. One may assume that the disruption occurs due to bubble growth and corresponding distension of the vessel wall.