ABSTRACT. In this paper I criticise Axel Honneth’s reactualization of reification as a concept in critical theory in his Tanner Lectures and argue that he. Together with Honneth, Althusser claims that recognition is a (the?) basic category of human experience, one which is usually ignored. In the. According to Honneth, this explanation of reification suffers from at least four limitations. Taken together, these limitations call this single explanatory principle .

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Unfortunately for Honeth, upon delivering his newly minted theory in the form of the Tanner Lectures at Berkeley, he was immediately met with resistance by Judith Butler, Raymond Geuss, Jonathan Lear, and others. Polity,Pp. Reflective Stages in a Critical Social Theory.

Reification – Hardcover – Axel Honneth – Oxford University Press

Daniel Rhodes earned his B. It’s a brilliant conversation This is proven by the study of 9 month year olds and their relations to a loved one. Reification is a pathology in human relationships because it turns people and one’s self into things to be controlled according to the dicta of social norms that are heavily saturated with utilitarian imperatives.

Experience and History David Carr. I also agree with the three “comments” that his style and explanation came off as implying a sort of predetermined honneh altruism innate to humans around recognition.

Adorno on Kant, Eeification and Determinism. In the main my impression was that Honneth wanted to bring out own reificatioon with some interaction with Reiffication. Just to give an example – one that Honneth does not give, because he’s too scared to be this radical – even if we had a completely just distribution in capitalism, we would still have alienation.

In order to rectify these issues and formulate a theory of reification which 1 respects the value of objectivity, 2 contains a normative if not moral element, and 3 is not so reliant on economic explanations, Honneth turns his attention to recent advances in developmental psychology and existential philosophy.


A New Look at an Old Idea. Books by Axel Honneth.

We cannot question what already is, we can only analyze what can be. In doing so, however, he must first extricate reification from its traditional interpretations in Marxist thought.

Reification: A New Look at an Old Idea

Sonicsputnick rated it liked it Oct 19, And also, isn’t it still some kind of recognition even if there is not affirmation in a positive way involved? Honneth’s work focuses on social-political and moral philosophy, especially relations of power, recognition, and respect. If Honneth were to actually understand Marx, then his theory would have no footing whatsoever, because he would then have to explain reification, as a socio-structural phenomena as Lukacs himself did.

With such a damning statement, I want to emphasize why I even gave this book two stars, instead of 0 or 1.

How exactly does it differ from cognition? Fairly brilliant example by my lights. Toward a Political Critique of Reification: Michel rated it liked it Oct 05, Erich Luna rated it liked it Apr 22, One of his core arguments is for the priority of intersubjective relationships of recognition in understanding social relations.

Get updates Get updates. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Althusser states that there are two distinct apparatuses which control the public: Andy rated it liked it May 02, Needless to say, this generation of politico-cultural passes, rushes, and punts has failed to return a first down.

Oxford Scholarship Online This book is available as part of Oxford Scholarship Online – view abstracts and keywords at book and chapter level.

On Honneth’s Reification: or why Marx is not (yet) the messiah

For once, political and cultural elders had finally succeeded in extinguishing the moral torch that had more-or-less successfully guided successive generations throughout history.

If recognition means ‘to take up’ another’s perspective, what can it be called when the person is completely taken up by the other?

In other words, Honneth ends his analysis with a prioritization of recognition, while completely failing to address the question of how and why our specific recognitions have evolved in the first place! From the Publisher via CrossRef no proxy dx.


Reification: A New Look at an Old Idea by Axel Honneth

Judith Butler, Raymond Geuss, and Jonathan Lear, respond with hard reifiaction about the central anthropological premise of his argument, the assumption that prior to cognition there is a fundamental experience of intersubjective recognition that can provide a normative standard by which current social relations can be judged wanted.

Western civilization plunged headfirst into an ethical darkness. This is essentially what Honneth does throughout the entire book. A creative extension of Honneth’s theory of recognition and a relevant diagnosis of our condition. That’s his theory in a nutshell, and it’s sort of interesting, but maybe he should avoid using the term reification, since he never understood it to being with.

Political Theory in Social and Political Philosophy. Which is more profound of a pathology than any equal distribution could ever make up for.

Honneth appears to be skeptical against Lukacs’ material understanding of reification. As a rather ominous aside, I have only to draw your attention to the last philosopher who attempted to prioritize poetics dichtend and remembrance Andenken over thought and techne.

Raymond Guess offers reflections on the philosophical anthropology that Honneth develops with his hnneth of Dewey and Heidegger. VamanaBhava Ruse rated it really liked it Jun 15, Honneth appears to have found something in Lukacs’ thinking, but in my skim reading I can’t say that I was completely rreification to understand myself what it was Honneth wanted to bring out from Lukacs.

Choose your country or region Close. Far from being a product of contemporary modes of thought and production, reification ceases to be a specifically modern concern altogether.