Crosswind. -. CNG. 4 Wheel Regenerative Air. High Pressure. Washdown with. 24 in hand lance,. 30 ft hose Type V8 Cylinder. Displacement cu. in. ( L) . Operating CNG vehicles are really beneficial in the Middle East region considering the fact been estimated to be billion cu m and CNG/Diesel Cost Analysis 23 Vehicle & Cost Summary Overview 23 3. ( N*m) Type Engine Displacement – CU IN ( LITERS) Bore and.

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For costing purposes, FEV normally used existing databases that had been used in previous EPA powertrain studies as shown in the following list. This ensures a longer life of your engine and save a lot of money. FEV After the DPF urea fluid is injected into the exhaust SCR system, it passes through the decomposition reactor where the urea fluid is converted into ammonia via a chemical reaction called hydrolysis.

Indirect Costs are handled through the application of “Indirect Cost Multipliers” ICMs which are not included as part of this analysis. Exhaust valve port 2. Cummins parts website https: EGR cooler 3- Exhaust pressure sensor 4.


Exhaust manifold 13 Exhaust gas to aftertreatment system Figure CNG is piped in direct from the local utility company, then through a dryer to the compressor and is then stored on site.

This release sounds like a puff and is called turbo chuff. The Diesel exhaust gases pass through the open end of a channel.

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Fuel pump gear pump Compressed Turbocharger Air 72 Figure fng Cleaning of the ash must still be completed on a routine maintenance schedule. Coolant System Overview – 4 Source: EGR crossover tube 7.

Mostly unattended stations as in ordinary petrol. When the throttle is opened, the air intake is supplied with boost.

Diesel Vehicle Hardware Overview German inventor Rudolf Diesel patented the compression ignition engine in which is the origin of the term “diesel”. Only components identified as being different within the selected CNG new and the standard Diesel baseline configurations were evaluated for cost.

Air compressor 17 Crankcase breather vent tube Cylinder Block Liners Subsystem 82 Figure Coolant from water pump to exhaust gas recirculation EGR cooler 9. FEV gratefully acknowledges the FEV personnel and outside organization s that contributed or collaborated with FEV in some way throughout this project. The CNG system also uses a fixed geometry waste gate style turbocharger.


CNG for Automobiles

Drive belt alternator 15 Variable geometry turbocharger Fuel Control Module Assembly Source: Alternator 17 Belt tensioner refrigerant compressor Figure Compressed Air Subsystem The absence of any lead content in CNG helps by lead fouling of plugs, thereby enhancing plug life. The use of Coil on Plug systems also provides additional benefits, such as packaging, emissions, performance, and maintenance. Only parts with different numbers will be quoted.

When this happens it’s due to the engine control system making changes to the variable geometry turbocharger position. How long it will take to fill a CNG vehicle? This gear is quoted under the fuel and controls subsystem. OEM owned tooling B. Lubricating oil flow to the main bearings Refrigerant compressor 2 Drive belt refrigerant compressor 3 Thermostat housing 4 Exhaust gas recirculation EGR crossover tube 5 Air intake connection 6 Camshaft position sensor 7 Lubricating oil fill tube 8.

After the pattern is cut, the tanks holes are typically cut with a punch press.