Editorial Reviews. Review. * “Smart, well-crafted and sophisticated; without a doubt, this Illuminate: A Gilded Wings Novel, Book One by [Agresti, Aimee]. Illuminate “Smart, well-crafted and sophisticated; without a doubt, this belongs on the top of the stack of the current crop of angel books. More, please!” —Kirkus. Illuminate by Aimee Agresti. Critics’ Opinion: Readers’ rating: Not Yet Rated. Published in USA Mar pages. Genre: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Alternate History.

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Kindle Editionpages. The description is lush and gorgeous, and Haven’s voice is mature, intelligent, and real.

The description of the grandeur is enough to make your imagination go wild. For instance Haven’s friend It wouldn’t be fair to say that I disliked this book, because I didn’t. So long, so boring and so girly. It took so long to set up the plot that by the time the big dramatic revelations occurred, I had lost my patience and was ready to move on.

Sure, this one wasn’t evil, but you catch my drift. There is a love triangle of a sort, involving the gorgeous Lucian, who turns out to be not so gorgeous. But it’s gorgeous, and I really honestly think it adds to the effect the book has. He says all the right things and has all the right moves. This book started out a little slow for me, I don’t know why but once I got going I could not put it down.

Hidden layers he does not have. It’s a good vs.


In all honesty, I had something similar occurr in a story that I wrote when I was eleven years old. Clean no language or sex talk. Be the first to discover new talent!

It’s so black and white and only services to highlight one belief in one type of God. Haven is a nerdy, shy girl who has no social life and only one friend. This book is a new spin on Angels and Demons, good and bad! My heart broke for her when she realized exactly what Lucian was and that she wasn’t able to turn her feelings for him off completely, cold turkey.



I also thought that some things were glaringly obvious but weren’t treated as such. I can say that she was somewhat strong and she bravely faced her fears head-on, illuminahe being lonely and clueless about what was going on around her for most of the time.

I never shipped them, but I hope his soul can be redeemed or something. Also, what are her actual abilities besides soul seeing, can she do anything else?

So lets start with the basics. Knowing full well akmee wouldn’t know it was him, and likely think it agreti Lucian. He is a shopaholic, loves gossip, likes to play dress-up, a wonderful cook, and can create hairstyles better than seen in magazines.

That might be a bit too picky for some people, but I take the Good vs. Aber an der Umsetzung hapert es leider ein wenig. Almost a Stepford Wife honestly–he could do hair, clean, go shopping and still have time to chat amee his friends at the local shop before going home to make a perfect three course meal.

The only thing is that some parts seemed a little long, but otherwise I had no complaints. The age thing can be found in Lucian, too. She may find Lucian fascinating, but she holds back, and it’s refreshing to find a YA heroine who doesn’t drop everything at the first sign of love.

If this book had been edited down to a shade less than half its size it might have held my interest. The story takes place in The Lexington Hotel which, in reality, wa Overall, I really enjoyed this story. To see what olluminate friends thought of this book, please sign up. This book has an amazing world where the people are being manipulated, love, lust, the hot bad boy, the cute good boy and TONS of drama and betrayal.


Feb 12, Heather Booth rated it did xgresti like it Shelves: Sorry that isn’t how ‘shy’ works. With its illuminatw cover and magical storyline, this is a book that every angel-fan should have on their shelf!

Haven Terra is a brainy, shy high school outcast. If it sounds good, I’ll buy it. XD Haven was a great character but it wasn’t very realistic how she turned into such a socially adept girl when she had supposedly been an awkward nerd. I must say I was nicely surprised by how quickly I could finish reading this story.

Illuminate (Gilded Wings, #1) by Aimee Agresti (4 star ratings)

I felt a bit frustrated at this slow character development, especially because sometimes I could figure things out long before they were explicitly told to us. None of this will be easy; all of it will be necessary I’m not the type of person to blindly follow a bossy book.

Another plus, is the idea of Metamorfosi or the middle ground between going to back to Hell or choosing Heaven. He was assigned to be Lucian’s assistant – a big deal as Lucian is second-in-command at the hotel. I believe that when a book is good that even if you still have pages to go, you get scared that it’s gonna end, which, by far, didn’t happen in this book.

The story is spellbinding and i loved it! Illuminate is a story that involves a bunch of people note here: Nevertheless, after a bit of slow start, the pacing picked up and I found myself captivated by Aimee Agresti’s Illuminate. Overall, Illuminate amiee wonderful writing and beautiful scenery. Kind of like a fairytale spell. I loved the illhminate the book had central themes of art.