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certificate of departure (IMM );; immigrant visa and record of landing (IMM )/confirmation of permanent residence (IMM );; visitor record (IMM );. i only have the PR card and i do not remember that i was given the IMM or IMM can any one advice me if i can apply for the. Immigrant Visa and Record of Landing (IMM ); Confirmation of Permanent Residence (IMM or IMM ). Instead, fill out the.

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Jan 26th8: As has ikm mentioned it is required for Citizenship apps, plus, and this I find highly amusing given the length of time some people could potentially have to keep it that you need it for pension claims. Procuring commercially printed documents Storing commercially printed documents and, Tracking commercially printed documents In comparison, plain paper documents are available on demand.

IMM – what does it look like? – British Expats

Has anyone applied for citizenship without these documents? The distribution process of the form 529 continue to remain the same. Each identification type will have its own unique identification number.


Your Permanent Resident Card number is located in the top left corner on the back of your card. Can anyone else confirm? Free Immigration Evaluation Click Here. Free Canadian Immigration Evaluation.

Find More Posts by gad However, once they have the standardised photo patches, they would need to stop the use of glue sticks.

Citizenship Application- IMM 1000/5292/5688

The CIC aims to optimise the utilisation of its resources. Contacts In some situations, officers might need further clarity or information about these procedures. Hi Look at the shiny visa in your passport, it is the Features of the new Confirmation of Permanent Residence CoPR document and, The updated workflow procedures Officers would need to refer to these for issuing and processing the document. This number is all digits Example: The processing staff would also need to ensure that no one applies glue outside of the designated photo area.

Immm will find this number on the acknowledgement letter that Citizenship and Immigration Canada sent to you. W The increased reliance on plain paper documents forms one aspect of this modernisation agenda. Jan 22nd The change is that henceforth, officers would no longer need to have the client sign within the green shaded signature box.


New Permanent Residents would continue to receive their official status documents via mail. They also do this to ensure that the photo complies with the prescribed specifications. They did this to maintain consistency with the current IMM These two pages would bear the labels: This change would be applicable to cases: 52992 27th1: I landed in January if this is of any use.

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This would help avoid any complications during the scanning process. New Permanent Residents could expect to receive these documents within six to eight weeks of receiving Permanent Resident PR status. Oct 17th2: The Permanent Resident Card number starts with two 2 letters followed by ten 10 numbers Example: The CIC also believes that the elimination of multiple copy documents and carbon paper is ecologically sound.

As we done our application through an immigration lawyer, when our passports came back with our visa in them, they went to her. These two pages would bear the labels:.