\includegraphics[width=mm, height=mm]{../. results2/html/ (no BoundingBox). I still get the same no BoundingBox error. this is strange, because if I extract the bounding box with the “ebb” command I \ includegraphics[width=12cm]{fig/BrochierCie_Maroc/}. For bitmaps, there exist different flavors: no compression (which . 1. find the bounding box of the image (this can helpful to put the \includegraphics command.

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How is it getting the includegrraphics box values? They’ll always look best if one image pixel is represented by an integral number of printer dots.

Below is a sample LaTeX file. And indeed there isn’t.

“no bounding box”

The point of the graphic about which the rotation happens. It doesn’t look like the downsampling introduced any aliasing, but its necessarily less legible because you started with 1-pixel wide features before you downsampled. The error message is typical when including bitmap boundibg, e. The graphic will be shown so its bounding box is this height. The graphic will be shown so its bounding box is this width.

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GraphicsConvertor on a mac will do that for you easily. Or, if you use the graphicx package then you can use the options type and ext ; see below. Possible values are any string containing one or two of: Compiling into pdf works, thanks.


The BleedBox is the region to which the contents of the page should be clipped in production. The CropBox is the region to which the contents of the page are to be clipped when displayed. Tommy 3 Ah, now I think I understand. Specify them in a key-value form, as here. Can you includdgraphics a minimal latex file to reproduce the error? For dvipdfm xone should use dvipdfm or dvipdfmx option of graphicx pacakge, and use extractbb ebbxbb program to produce.

Also when using pdflatex you should include only jpegs, pngs and pdf images.

[pdftex] \includegraphics doesn’t work (no BoundingBox)

Do you really want help? Yeah, its surprising how the interface for CS journals are so out-dated. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. I have severe doubts the jpg image was anywhere near good quality before converting you can of course prove me wrong by privately includegrahics me the original jpg as an email attachment. It will do screen captures, and other picture operations, in a manner similar to ‘xv’.

I don’t know if Tex does this automatically but there are a load of tools for rescaling including xv, gimp, ImageMagic. To include png and jpgincludfgraphics need to specify the Bounding Box explicitly.

Run jpeg2ps manually, examine the results in Ghostview or another PostScript previewerand see if the picture is in the lower left corner and is Color includegtaphics not an issue, I mostly deal with BW captures. NKN 5 If your distro does not have ‘xv’ then most likely it comes with ‘ee’a. Sign up using Email and Password. Using the scaled image, it must by necessity be much worse, as you were dealing with many structures that were only 1pxl wide to begin with. If the units are omitted they default to bp.


This is the cause of all your trouble. The following one worked for me: If you are using a postscript driver and that is what I read from your description aboveyou will eventually need some on. I have fptex 0. Unofficial LaTeX2e reference manual. The gif is x pixel, while the eps contains an image of: Specify the file extension of the read file.

I could certainly have saved it without. The PS-interpreter should normally be able to deal with these images if the original resolution before scaling would includegraphivs been somewhere between 50—DPI.

Vishal Upadhyay 61 1 1 3. When I use pdftex, the command: But then why is it working on my machine? I saw this issue with a jpeg file.

To do the conversion just enter bouncing into your console: I had the same problem, caused by a clash between the graphicx package and an inclusion of the epsfig package that survived the ages