Index of /earthdawn/wastes/. Name Last modified Size Description. up Parent Directory Jul – directory _notes Jul – unknown. Earthdawn was considered one of the most innovative RPG’s of it’s time. Rereading the core rules again, after fifteen years is like taking a trip. I’m a massive fan of Earthdawn and I’ll be giving it a 5 for Substance and a 4 for Style. Furthermore, the Style rating is probably too generous.

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A description and listing of dragons and dragon-related creatures in Earthdawn and Shadowrun, with comparative notes. Plain-spoken dwarf woman; weaponsmith and adventurer from the hinterland, newly arrived in Throal. More is to come. Like many role-playing games from the nineties, Earthdawn focuses much of its detail on its settinga province called Barsaive.

Raw casting has a very good chance of drawing the attention of a Horror, which can quickly turn into death for low level characters and for high level characters as well in some cases. It is generally recommended that Casters only use attuned spells, but this is not required. Most of these nations agreed at first though some became unwilling to fulfill their end of the bargain after the end of the Scourge, wanting to have nothing to do with the bureaucratic nation run on political conflict and powered by slavery.

Metamagics A list of metamagics throughout all editions of the game, with notes and references. Players wanting to perform an action determine their level or “step” for the skill, talent, or ability to be used.

Thin, wizened old dwarf man; drunkard, runs a flophouse in the dahnat.


This will sometimes make combat last longer than in other games. In order to get a larger audience for this edition, RedBrick published the book through Mongoose Publishing’s Flaming Cobra imprint.

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Casting a spell that is not in a matrix is referred to as raw casting. Steps 6 through 12 as listed above form the basis of a 7-step cycle. Elderly one-armed t’skrang sailor; Floating City’s representative to Throal. Vulgar, rapacious dwarf man; purchased leadership of bankrupt House Pa’vas.

Stern dwarf man; former corrupt Royal Guard, now the toughest of Throal’s magistrates. Update – Added my Shadowrun unpublished drafts. Handsome, spendthrift young dwarf man; second-in-command to the smuggler Shadowswift.

Earthdawn Role-playing games introduced in One of the original members of the Handshake Cooperative, a group of mine prospectors. Ambitious ork baron of the northwest quadrant of Eathdawn outlying communities. Taciturn, brooding blood-elf woman; leader of vigilante cult newly arrived in Bartertown.

A catalogue of the powerful magical artefacts in Shadowrun, with references to certain Earthdawn artifacts. Depressed, self-pitying dwarf man; Officer of the Court indwx charge of waste disposal. Obese, unthinkingly violent ork man; heads a new and ambitious gang in Bartertown.

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Theran wizards and politicians warned many of the outlying nations around Thera of the coming of the Horrors, offering the protection of the kaers to those who would pledge their loyalty to the Empire.

A spell attuned placed into to a matrix is easily accessible and can be cast at any time. Set in the same world as Shadowrunmillennia earlier. Blood Magic Iindex description and listing of blood magic use in Earthdawn and Shadowrun, with comparative notes.

Forceful, underhanded dwarf woman; head of House Ueraven, courtier and chief domestic opponent of the king. Eafthdawn, vain human man; most feared smuggler and extortionist in Bartertown.


Windling woman and philosopher, head of The Mirage; may be silly sensualist or shrewd criminal. All previous Errata are merged into the text, correcting previous edition errors and providing rules clarifications. To add 7 steps from then on, simply add 1d Blustering, nervous, elderly human man; member of Bartertown’s council of merchants. Enigmatic elf woman whose face is hidden behind a mask of agate she never removes; nethermancer and Horror stalker.

Earthdawn stands out from other tabletop RPGs with a unique approach to skill tests. Step 2 is rolled as step 3, but you subtract 1 from the result. As the magic level rises, it allows alien creatures called Horrors to cross from their distant, otherworldly dimension into our own.

Dirty, foul-smelling ork man who hates Throal; earthdwan like a derelict, but is a mighty wizard. RedBrick began publishing Earthdawn novels in Comments, theories, and explanations behind the “Things to Come” conversation in Virtual Realities 2. Helpful dwarf woman, distrusts adventurers; devotee of Garlen and flophouse proprietor. As the character learns more about the item and its history, he can unlock more and more power earthdawm the item. Mad, doggerel-writing ork man of Bartertown; unwitting servant of Vestrial.

Wise, reform-minded king of Throal; currently concealing a debilitating illness from his subjects. Dracoforms A description and listing of dragons and dragon-related creatures in Earthdawn and Shadowrun, with comparative notes. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.