Projector InFocus ScreenPlay User Manual . (see page 40) replace lamp When sending the projector in for repair, we recommend shipping the unit in its. Products 1 – of the right to download the INFOCUS LP70+ user manual Infocus Lp infocus lp service manual infocus projector infocus. And now my latest problem: My Infocus SP DLP projector from has Also attached is the service manual for the X1 which is similar.

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Since you will be handling it again, you should make sure that the interior mirrored surfaces are spotless. Startup Logo Blank Screen Gluing it with the sides flush as you apparently will cause a reduction in the width of the light reaching the image chip, kanual will affect what you see. While I have never experienced that problem, I CAN tell you that there is no way the color wheel would be responsible.

The fans run but the lamp won’t come on. There are times when the will not operate as intended. AV Solutions in NY has them.

Next, check that the lamp housing screens aren’t full of dust and other debris. Appart from a broken light tunnel I’ve been having some other problems with my I Have the phone number of the place and also the link to the forum giving you fully pictured diagrams of how to change the light tunnel, and also I have a service manual if anyone would like it to be sent 405 them.

Hmm I thought you had me convinced that it was the color wheel How to replace light tunnel on a Samsung rear projection: It can take a minute for the image to achieve full brightness. Just under it there’s a small aluminium thingy holding the light tunnel in place the light tunnel is 4 small pieces of mirror glued together.


I have manuao upgraded the firmware because I was satisfied with my pic and did not want to mess with anything. The range of optimum operation is up to 30 feet 9.

Replace the lamp door. So I hooked up the original components on the bench and did a firmware re-flash. I replaced all of the ‘lytic caps including the filter cap on the power supply board but it still behaves the same.

Don’t show me this message again. Follow these instructions to use the Wiz- ard to load the correct driver which was installed with your Windows operating system.


The Infocus is a projector released in as part of the Segvice line of projectors. Might be worth contacting your local Infocus repair shop and trying to obtain one. When Autosource is selected, the Source Enable feature indicates which sources the projector attempts to lock onto. So to sum it up – Bulb went out when xbox rebooted – fans got louder – no indicator lights – no indicator beep – Bulb has been tested and confirmed functional in a functioning – im left twidling my thumbs refusing to watch movies on a 32 inch Tv you seriously get spoiled having a screen the size of a wall.

Wait 30 minutes to allow the projector to cool thoroughly. ScreenPlay Multimedia Projector Adjust the zoom and focus.

Infocus 4805 Troubleshooting

After 2 hours of work I have ansolutely no visibility of the light tunnel malfunction, clear white screen all the way. The time now is To print the manual completely, please, download it. You could try that. If it doesn’t, you will need to contact technical support.

InFocus SP4805 User Manual

Original case, optical housing, color wheel, fans and lamp. He brought his over today, and I tested his bulb less than hours on it yet still – no boot up “beep” – no indicator lights – fan really loud no matter how long I leave ssrvice on He tried my bulb in his and determined that my bulb still functioned.


Find More Posts by mmartell. Three flashes means that the projector has shut down by itself.

Infocus SP powers on but no lamp How can you be certain the lamp is still good? Anyone know of some weaknesses to the m1-da port?

Anyone who has successfully done this, please help. Has anyone tried to produce or find a replacement tunnel that’s possibly a more robust design? Actually it’s easy to correct it. The LED will remain off for two seconds between each error code flash. Infocis to this Manuals Your Name.

I just had my picture go black on the right side of my screen and the brown and yellow. It does so predictably and repeatably which originally led me to think that it was a power problem.

So I ordered a new filter cap and one more Panny FC to replace the last suscon. Like Ulvin, I experienced the light tunnel issue I had stopped reading the thread and didn’t realize how common it was. The following 5 options are only available for composite, S-video, or component i sources. Has anyone else had this problem?

I pulled it out last weekend but it has decided that it doesn’t want to work anymore. Re-assembling, aligning and gluing is, as the Brits would say, a bit fiddly.

For complete details of the warranty, see the Warranty section at the end of this User’s Guide. I tried to do a crude drawing here, but I can’t get the spacing to stay put.