Information Systems: A Manager’s Guide to Harnessing Technology is intended for use in undergraduate and/or graduate courses in Management Information. INFORMATION SYSTEMS VERSION (B+W) [John Gallaugher] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book is in great condition Like New. Information Systems: A Manager’s Guide to Harnessing Technology v [John Gallaugher] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This textbook .

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The text is not culturally insensitive or offensive. The structure of the chapters is well presented visually and the breakdown infirmation content into subchapters makes the book easy to read, as well as creates a good framework for moving through the content.

Peer Production, Social Media, and Web 2. Gallaugher and his students spend several weeks each year visiting with, and attending master-class sessions hosted by, technology executives, entrepreneurs, gallauher venture capitalists in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Seattle, Boston, New York, and Ghana. How much is Facebook really worth? This online text offers over 70 follow-along video lessons where new-to-programming students learn coding fundamentals while also learning iOS app development concepts.

Other than that I didn’t notice an issue. Twitter Feed Tweets by gallaugher.

The chapter structure and order are logical and reflective of the discipline. The flipped class turns the programming course into one of the lightest lifts for faculty.

It is nice to see that the author has updated the book every couple of years. Creating Killer Assets 4. Prices will be lower on staple items. Students can have difficulty with a textbook that is dryly written. Comments I found the depth of the ga,laugher covered, non-technical onformation and structure exemplary. I found the depth of the subjects covered, non-technical style and structure exemplary.


Informatiion I Built This: Thanks to all who make this such a special experienceand to Ameet Kallarackal for such kind words. But far too often students resist rather than embrace the study of tech. The author does a good job of addressing specifics if IS, that can change very quickly, in a broad way by focusing on the overall management and organizational issues and then illustrating those issues with examples from current events and organizations.

This textbook covers most of the important areas in information systems. Free Courseware open access to my slides, podcasts, readings list, gallauhger questions, syllabus, assignments, and projects. For faculty using the prior version, see info on Updates in Version 7.

Information Systems: A Manager’s Guide to Harnessing Technology

The textbook is very well put together. The images and charts were relevant and added substance and clarity to the content of the text. Offer the product to strong students as an independent study — then hire them as TAs when you roll out the full course. While this is a different structure from other textbooks it is more real world since these ideas do not standalone but are incorporated into situations that the students will find in their careers.

About the Book Information Systems: Comments I would strongly recommend this textbook if you have a non-technical audience. It would probably not be an agllaugher on a hard copy or an online copy that the students would purchase. Comments I plan to adapt and adopt this book for my course, and will add some sections from other open textbooks to make a full content solution.


The modularity of the content was excellent due to the consistent structure of the chapters. This edition is only a year old, which is great. Examples are from U. This book is a step in zystems right direction in engaging students and helping them realize how exciting IT can be. However, the nature of the content suggests that updates will be systematically required in order to maintain content relevance and accuracy.

Some quick BCventures notes:. The textbook is written in a very reader friendly style.

The Week in Geek™

There is not an ethics chapter or a networking chapter or a systems development chapter. I plan to adapt and adopt this book for informstion course, and will add some sections from other open textbooks to make a full content solution.

The text is not culturally offensive in any way. Some issues with finding the full book, but is more of a repository issue than an issue with the actual book.

More info on the latest update at: My preference is for text that include a comprehensive glossary and index. The business cases may remain relevant for gqllaugher period of time.