Items 1 – 21 of 21 IRE is a collection of peer-reviewed International Journals published by Praise International Review on Computers and Software (IRECOS). Home > Products > Journal and Reviews > S. > Latest issue. International Review on. Computers and Software (IRECOS) December ( Vol. 8 N. 12). IRECOS, the International Review on Computers and Software, was indeed discontinued by Scopus in due to “publication concerns”.

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The Authors declare that none of the following abuse was committed in preparation of the manuscript:.

In the testing process, the images are preprocessed and subjected to feature extraction process. IRECOS also publishes letters to the Editor and research notes which discuss new research, or research in progress in any of the above thematic areas. Computer Science Theory, Methods and Tools Software engineering, algorithms and complexity, computational logic, formal methods, heuristics, mathematics and models of computation, programming languages and semantics.

Surveys or tutorial papers are particularly welcome. A number of security techniques have been developed to deal with the problems of attackers and hackers. So, to enhance the automatic feature extraction in digital fundus images, in this work, we are going to implement replica based approach. Under various algorithm parameters, attacks will be made over the protocol and the performance will be studied. Data that will assist in developing this publishing platform may be shared with its developer in an anonymized and aggregated form, with appropriate exceptions such as article metrics.

This paper presents a contemporary approach for identifying an individual using the multimodal biometrics has great demands to overcome the issues involved in single trait system. With the help of existing work, the large data will be converted to annotation object so that the matching process with the input query will be reduced and the complexity of handling big data will be also reduced.

In addition to the traditional mobile system challenges, it also faces many challenges such as dependency on continuous network connections, data sharing applications and federation with multiple service providers.

Registration and login are required to submit items online and to check the status of current submissions. In CSTA, proportionate statistic of rows and columns are considered.


Abstract – Cryptography is effectively synonymous with the technique of encryption and also legally prioritized for secure communication. Subscription Login to verify subscription Give a gift subscription. But the automatic retinal detection leads to a greater chance of loss of sight if the detection is not done properly. Abstract – In this work we examine the accuracy of our proposed interpolation algorithm by zero-padding comparing to standard techniques for the task of interpolating additional projections to be insert in sinogram witch lost some projections caused by an X-ray tube arcing in computed tomography scanners.

Abstract – Software clone research has proved that there are redundancies in software. A digital fundus image coordinate system is built to present an enhanced depiction of the features. The second challenge of effectiveness will be solved using new matching score to obtain better retrieval effectiveness.

In addition our findings show the atmospheric noise tolerance of each processing technique. The data collected from registered and non-registered users of this journal falls within the scope of the standard functioning of peer-reviewed journals.

Surrogate Object Based Mobile Transaction. Some processes add embedded cloud warnings to investigate how data are stored on a local or intermediary system. The searching operation consists of finding a subset of this bit-attribute vector that is within particular Hamming distance. Furthermore deriving several results according to an adapted mathematical model of the Dead Sea.

The chart shows the ratio of a journal’s documents signed by researchers from more than one country; that is including more than one country address. The Authors declare to be aware that if one of the abuses above listed is proven after the payment of the publication fee, this last will be not refunded and the manuscript will be not published, according to our ethical guidelines, besides the sanctions already provided in the specific case.

If these two challenges are solved, the performance and its applicability will be improved significantly.

Rosy Salomi Victoria, S. Jaber, Mohamad Fadli Bin Zolkipli. Uploading the Submission To upload a manuscript to this journal, complete the following steps: This paper derives a various measurements from temporal medium-quality remote sensing images to calculate the surface area of the Dead Sea over the past 29 years. But, most of the existing security approaches do not provide reliable results under certain attacks.

Cloud computing enables the addition of colored displays to full-blown Web browsers.


IRECOS journal | Data Distribution Service (DDS) Community RTI Connext Users

The Authors declare to be aware of the sanctions imposed by Praise Worthy Prize in case of documented violations of the Ethical policies and duties. In the semantic annotation method, the text document was converted to semantic annotation data using concept-based modeling. Healthcare and BioInformatics, and emerging application domains, e. An EEG recording is often affected with noises. Data clustering is a useful technique for the discovery of interesting data distributions and trends in the underlying data.

Furthermore, the verification elaboration comprises of capture devices, pre-processing, feature extraction and classification methods. DOC by using our online manuscript submission system. Many techniques have been developed for iris recognition so far.

Considering the following problem, a data to be searched is presented as a bit-attribute vector. Praise Worthy Prize offers Author Fees discount to authors from the countries which were classified by the World Bank as low-income economies.

The purpose is to have a forum in which general doubts about the processes of publication in the journal, experiences and other issues derived from the publication of papers are resolved. The framework is based on random scheduling which reflect best throughput power distribution in multi-hop wireless systems.

IRECOS journal

Our approach consists in studying each stage of the process of software development and defining knowledge necessary to capitalize in order to organize the project memory based on domain ontology. The Authors declare that none of the following abuse was committed in preparation of the manuscript: This new mobile paradigm enabled mobile devices to support data and transaction management in addition to the static nodes.

Furthermore, it has a high legal value for document authentication, as well as being dependent on by both commercial transactions and governmental institutions.

Customized co-processor and memory has been added to the processor. SCImago Journal Rank Gaudiot, Minimizing the runtime partial reconfiguration overheads in reconfigurable systems, The Journal of Supercomputing, Vol. The paper presents a new technique for building signature database and for optimal AA in Tamil email forensics.