It’s a thin line between love and hate. When it shatters, watch out As a teen, Sydney Boyle’s crush on her foster parents’ son—despite their six-year age. All about Irresistible by Mackenzie McKade. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers. Chapter One Unbroken powdered meadows stretched as far as the eye could see. Snow so pure and undisturbed it gave Sydney Boyle the impression she was.

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Uh-oh, her mind screamed.

There was no way he could share a bed with her and not touch her. What would you say to her managing Duncan Publishing?

Irresistible By Mackenzie McKade-Read Any Books Online

mackenzoe Flailing hands and grasping the side of the Jacuzzi saved her from a dunking. Not succeeding as he would have liked. She wanted Sean, but only one night would kill her.

mackenzif Irresistible by Mackenzie McKade ebook. When she reciprocated, pushing her tongue against his, a low moan rumbled in his throat. Needed him whispering in her ear that everything would be all right. No way in hell are you getting into a car in this weather.


Frantically, he pumped in and out of her, stretching out her climax, until light and sound dulled and fire lanced down his shaft. Mackezie ached, tingling as feeling rushed back in.

Review: Irresistible by Mackenzie McKade

Sean looked up from irreesistible he was sprawled across a large leather chair. The mood in the house was somber, all thoughts of snowboarding eradicated with each fluffy snowflake that fell.

He glanced down at his beer, and then snapped his head irresistkble, pinning his gaze on the television. In those moments when he had held her, kissed her, nothing had existed but the two of them. Her eyes closed, her head lolled back, but not before he saw her features soften.

Startled, she raised her eyes to his. Her lying beside him… No. And Lord knew, she felt wonderful in his arms. The engine screamed to life.

For a moment she was unable to tear her gaze away. Next time they embraced, skin touched skin, with the exception irresidtible her bra, which scraped against his tender nipples, driving him insane with need. Beneath half-shuttered eyelids, he stared at her. Need moistened her thighs. She loved to dance. Something itchy crawled beneath her skin. He needed this long weekend to unwind. Irrrsistible thickened in her throat with the thought of leaving the only stable life she had ever known.


Goose bumps rose across his arms.

Irresistible by Mackenzie McKade

Because I need variety to avoid book slumps. I want to be with you. When her heavy lids opened, she smiled, and he fell even harder for the woman in his arms. Why are you doing this to me? Are you on birth control?

Would he soon have a little dark-haired girl staring up at him calling him daddy? Now I know something is wrong.


Her head felt as if it would explode at any moment. For the next hour and a half she sat quietly contemplating her life, and then she chastised herself for worrying.

Sydney tightened her grip and carefully scooted up the seat. The fight in her seemed to dissipate and she leaned in to 44 www.