Isle of the Dead is a classic science fiction novel by Roger Zelazny. This book never really took off for me. It kept reminding me of I. Bank’s. Isle of the Dead [Roger Zelazny] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Centuries in the future, Francis Sandow is the only man alive who was. Roger Zelazny’s Isle of the Dead takes me back to my golden age of 15 when psychedelic rock and science fiction both blew young minds.

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Isle of the Dead / Eye of Cat

Jugular Josh July 19, at Anonymous January 28, at zelaznu Share this review Google Pinterest Facebook Twitter. One primarily explores the inward journey and the other the outward journey, but both arrive at spiritually satisfying conclusions.

This time, it was like reading a new book for the very first time. You’ve crossed through nothingness or dream to another island in Time Lists with This Book. Trivia About Isle of the Dead. This book is pretty dark by Zelazny standards, and has a lot to stay about life, death, and how lonely power and long-life can be. I purchased a used copy of Isle of the Dead here at Amazon, and received the single copy, not the double-story ths mentioned in other reviews.

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Anonymous July 19, at 4: Zelazny systematically avoids giving us enough detail to make it clear. Ksle of the recalled persons is Mike Shandon, a con man who is also a telepath, and a deadly enemy of Sandow’s.

It’s a rather short work, and is definitely worth a read. As a Navajo, family is everything; his family has long since died out as he was traveling the stars. At the beginning there were jsle lot of things I was excited to learn more about. A very long-living Native American Navajo to be exact guy was a famous hunter of alien zoo sp The book consists of two novels.

The novel is partly a tribute to Ernest Hemingway and some of its meditative sequences are written in a Hemingway-like style. I am very glad that when re-released that dea included a Kindle version.

Isle of the Dead, a book by Roger Zelazny | Book review

A very long-living Native American Navajo to be exact guy was a famous hunter of alien zoo specimens. Desperate for something to hold to, he sought out a mentor, who happened to be a member of a very long-lived and slowly dying alien race, the Pei’ans.

This book is followed by “To Die in Italbar”. Gringrin wants to flee, but Sandow is determined to rescue as many of his friends as possible.


And you’ve characterized Zelazny in a nutshell — poetic style that combines sf and fantasy. This isn’t a trick? So there were lots of great things about it, but it also started off sooooo slowly. Singer, in turn, seeks the aid of a shape-shifting alien known as “Cat” in carrying out the mission.

As an aspiring writer, I am eager to learn from the masters. The arrival of three messages simultaneously shake his world. Jan 17, Wes rated it liked it. I read that too, but Isle stayed in the top position. The first is a tale of a supernatural battle of good vs. They never asked for mercy, and none of them tried to flee. Then she marries her boss.

Gringrin in turn loses his dread of death, and walks happily into the Valley. If you do something foolish or painful today, you get irritated if somebody mentions it, today. The rite of Naming was once reserved for the high priests of the Pei’an religion.