Questions: Has iText implemented it’s own XSL-FO parser? How easy it is to implement these scenarios in iTextSharp? In both the cases. An article describes how to create PDF document programmatically using XSLFO and FOP; Author: Shyam S; Updated: 26 Jun ; Section. Composition: Template Designer & integrated server. XML, XSLT, XSL-FO, SVG,. XPath, XForms, SCXML Output formats. PDF, PDF/A, PCL.

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Member 5-Oct 1: All radios with the same group and on the same page are grouped into a set of radios. In most of cases, you would use the xml file to hold the main file content, which will be transformed by XSL-FO template.

I’m using old version of fop. The second option is recursive templates using modes. To finalize the formatting and layout, create an FO document and run it through Apache FOP to ensure the output is correct. The ‘ getTransformer ‘ function.

Integrating RenderX XSL FO Technology with iText for High Performance Dynamic Forms Generation

It is a Java application that reads a formatting object FO tree and renders the resulting pages to a specified output. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Pro Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud: To calculated the line item totals, multiply the item quantity by the item cost. Member Sep Thanks modified Jan November 7, at 3: This code is an example of downloading pdf in a web application.


More stories about this issue could be found at http: Which one should we go for or should we use the combination of two? Xsl-do can contain logic to make decisions and create structures in the XSL FO that represent the page layout and all other visible appearances. The overall application process is streamlined, forgoing the many different applications for different types of users for one process to generate a custom form.

Comparing Apache FOP with iText

The private instance variables are annotated to control the XStream serialization. Now, display the order information that is, the Order Id and Order Date.

I have been using jasperreports for sometime for producing documents such as insurance quotes, cover letters, etc. A simple XSLT processor is enough here. As mentioned before, you have two main options to generate the order total.

How to generate PDF using XML and XSL? | The Forums

Transform the Items and Item elements to a table containing a row for each Item. RenderX has presented other papers discussing manipulation of this formation for things like inserting OMR marks, generating custom barcodes and Transpromo advertising. Listing 3 is a basic 8.

This solution uses the C port itextsharp of the iText Library for generating form fields in the document. Listing 9 shows the template for calculating the total. Other fields are filled with known information and even hidden to prevent their modification.

iText – Does iText easily support XSL-Fo, XML and XSL?

Similarly, you can render content to the left and right through the Region-Start and Region-End regions. Many business applications require creation of a PDF document consisting of data stored in Java business objects. It also eliminates mistakes and saves a lot of time for known prospects by pre-filling in information as well as hiding fields that should not be changed.


The fields of the form must flow to any location in the document to be at the end of the statement and they must carry specific information in hidden fields.

History Initial version on 24 June I did find a product tht works, but it is also not free. Add line item numbers for each Item as xdl-fo as the line item total and order total. Need a different document, you need xsl-o programmer to change code. The Dynamic Forms Sample Application. The iText code is for generating one document. With many pros and cons respectively in mind, it would be ideal to use the combination of two to extreme your benefit.

Contains key address information regarding the customer, including the company name, street address, city, state, and zip code. This entry was posted in Dynamic File Generation. Your email address will not be published. The goal is to produce the PDF document in Figure 3. The question is a difficulty and broad unacceptability of this technology.

NullPointerException Location of itextsharl unknown java.