(Three books in one) 1) THE EDUCATION OF OVERSOUL SEVEN The first novel of the famed trilogy by Roberts which presents Seth’s concepts in a dramatic. THE EDUCATION OF OVERSOUL SEVEN by Jane Roberts. Illustrations by Robert F. Butts. PUBLISHED By POCKET BOOKS NEW YORK. Dedicated to. From the Bestselling Author of Seth Speaks and The Nature of Personal Reality The Education of Oversoul Seven The Further Education of Oversoul Seven.

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Amber-Allen Publishing | The Oversoul Seven Trilogy

Retrieved from ” https: It’s the s, and miracles just don’t happen. For me, the idea of reincarnation in a “previous” time is entirely plausible. Seven and George Meet Dr. It teaches how we need to listen jqne intently at our intuitions You’ll learn that all time happens at once and what to learn, discover will effect all time. The information in this book is phenomenal and will transform trilog life. Our ability to gain from our teachers and communicate with the Self on higher levels will be severely limited until we understand this simple and fundamental truth.

Pages to import images to Wikidata All stub articles. Up and Down the Time Staircase Chapter 5: She was a brilliant writer. Retrieved jnae January I am trying to use dog walking time looking for things of interest.

The Oversoul Seven Trilogy

I may, in trying to jimmie open that section of memory, slosh a bunch of other freaklicious New Agey books into this one which I read around the same time, so, don’t crucify me. Refresh and try oevrsoul. Something vague, profound and magical Thee could gravitate toward! Although this is fiction it will really change the way you view souls, energy, reincarnation, dreams and especially time and how the past, present and future are linked.


Jane Roberts fans and all readers intrigued by reincarnation, dreams, out-of-body travel, and spirituality will love exploring the cosmos of consciousness with Oversoul Seven in these insightful and genuinely moving novels. Can you imagine how fun? Tne About The Oversoul Seve Oversoul Seven is like a delicious dessert. Occult portal Books portal. The next two books are harder reads, but very expanding! When he’s reporting to Cyprus, as he seveh doing in the opening scene, Oversoul Seven generally adopts the default appearance of a fourteen-year-old boy, very appropriate since in relation to higher intelligence he is a schoolboy.

Instead, I was left feeling that if this is what the higher planes are like, boy are we in trouble. It is quite a quantum leap mentally, however, really worth sticking with. This article about a s novel is a stub. In The Education of Oversoul Seven, Seven explores the true nature of his being as he learns to communicate with four of his “incarnations” – four all-too-human people whose lives are separated by centuries, yet who also coexist.

The Oversoul Seven Trilogy summarizes Seth’s teachings in novelized format, and explores and explains his ideas on the nature of consciousness and reality creation.

The Education of Oversoul Seven Oveesoul 1: I’m looking for the third. She laughed so hard that Seven got uncomfortable. Towards the end you see how we are all inter-related as the characters come to know each other in the dream state. It is not the first time you have said it! In the third saga of this exuberant adventure, Oversoul Seven and the Museum of Time, Seven is instructed to take up residence in a human body while also journeying to the Museum of Time in search of the “Codicils.


The Oversoul Seven Trilogy: I am still reading the jne.

The Oversoul Seven Trilogy (Oversoul Seven) by Jane Roberts

Mar 19, Meera salah rated it it was amazing. You just told me that you had personalities in all those times, for example. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

That is the third great lesson: I hope you remedied the situation.

Suppose you were, say, Lydia on Earth, and she did something like that? This wasn’t recommended to me for its literary prowess.

For one thing, it is grounded in Jane’s long engagement with the entity called Seth who dictated a series of books that – to my mind – contain one of the best working models of the multidimensional self. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. But interesting thots In book robrets there is a mentally unstable guy who sometimes says he is Christ and when he is, can do miracles.