The Puppy Love Series by Jeff Erno, published by Fanny Press. Titles include Puppy Love, Puppy Love 2: Building a Family, and Puppy Love 3: Reawakening. The complete series list for – Puppy Love Jeff Erno. Series reading order, cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time. I had a strange fascination with the first book in the Puppy Love series even if I found some of its part a bit too much strong for me (all the.

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View all 19 comments. Just like other BDSM lifestyle would be like. How do you feel, and what if these feelings are not what everyone tells you you’re supposed to feel? He is submissive by nature and craves the guidance, affection, and control of a man he regards to be of superior status to himself.

Blast from the Past Friends to Lovers 2. The book really is intense, but like someone else said before, it has something that a lot of other books lack – it’s realistic. Erno has subsequently published several other novels. That said, I am sad to think that this premise could actually happen, and probably has. What if, in a society in which everyone is supposed to be a leader, you discover that your passion, your destiny, is to submit? I’ve added this here so that people will know just why it’s like it is.

I found Matt’s infidelity deplorable!! The positive feedback he received kove readers encouraged him to continue, and this eventually led to the publication of his first novel, Dumb Jock.

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But he never punished him in front of the offended parties before. The voice of nineteen year old Petey, who is emotionally needy, profoundly self absorbed and lonely after the deaths of his parents. Because I read Puppy Love pkppy, 2 and 3 one right after the other, I can’t really remember where one left off and the next began, so I won’t comment on specifics.


He is obsessed with Matt, treats him like a god, and is absolutely blind to his faults. Item s unavailable for purchase. I have really never felt comfortable with this kind of relationship and so when I read, I had to clear my mind from my own feelings. I’ll trust them on it, but not immediately. They have to, by rule, be kinky.

And who the hell tucks their beater shirt into their boxers while wearing saggy cargo shorts to show it off. Plus, he takes me places with him and pays for everything. Right away Petey develops serious hero worship for Matt that never goes away. I’m shocked that I made it as far as a I eno. It shouldn’t matter what age you are. The characters just weren’t believable as real people. Based upon outward appearances, one would regard the couple as jefc rather mainstream.

Puppy Love Fanny Press Purchase links: His entire world is becoming Matt, and Matt’s needs.

Jeff Erno: Puppy Love

Preview — Puppy Love by Jeff Erno. Rather, it takes fortitude to surrender totally to the will of another person. I just lovr out that the story was originally released a chapter at a time, so the repetition was to help keep the reader up to speed with the story during its original release schedule.

The review must be at least 50 characters long. He rules with a firm hand but its also gentle, he knows exactly who he is and I just love it.

Maybe the best advice would be to be prepared to be pushed over your limits, and if you are squeamish or sensitive, it might be best if you skip it. Besides the characters, which can be frustrating but true to them, the story delves into BDSM with some serious kinks. Some people really dislike Matt because they feel he is hurting Petey because he is not monogamous.

I have never read a more self-loathing, confidence-lacking sub who is so naive as to believe that being walked over by his ‘owner’ is the only way this sort of relationship can work, which in some ways is then reinforced by the other, “more experienced” sub he befriends.


I had to read it on my knees before her and when she gave me her forgiveness, I had to kiss her feet to thank her for her forgiveness. This lengthy book had jff me through such a wealth of emotions, some good, some bad, that I found it almost impossible to place a rating on it.

I gave it four stars because the way the book was written bothered me and I couldn’t get into it sometimes. How do you feel, and what if these feelings are not what everyone tells you you’re supposed to feel?

Puppy Love Series in Order – Jeff Erno – FictionDB

I can’t read the rest of this. But I guess some people are into that? Everything you loved in Puppy Love and much more again comes to life in the pages of this all-new tale of romance, heartache, revenge, and forgiveness. There is no such thing as a vanilla gay guy.

Erno has created an intricate and interesting look into how two men open to their feelings as they begin to express their needs, one for subservience and one for dominance. And the BDSM relationship philosophy is twisted. He’s supposed to be 19, but he reads like a stereotypical pre-teen girl all gushing and self pity, and it made this book even creepier to me.

Gotta say at the outset that I didn’t finish this book. It is not salacious, but it made me think.

At times this was a little dull as there is an excessive amount of naval gazing done by Petey throughout the book. Part of this is how Petey sees himself.

He is a natural-born leader. Feb 16, Devlin Jasper rated it did jeft like it. Except that Petey is a sea anemone with Dependent personality disorder and Matt is just an asshole.