EASY MONEY – the Swedish bestselling sensation, a dark and brutal account of the Stockholm Jens Lapidus is a highly successful criminal defence lawyer. Jens Lapidus follows the lives of three protagonists of the Stockholm underworld, whose main drivers in life is the quest for easy cash. As a lawyer, Lapidus. From one of Sweden’s most successful criminal defense laywers comes an unflinching look at Stockholm’s underworld. Jorge Barrio is a drug dealer.

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Lists with This Book. In pages, I did not encounter a single admirable character.

Snabba cash

Apart from being a lqpidus thriller this book offers a parable on the complexity of morality and the human condition. In Sweden, the book was an instant hit. It’s not great literature by any stretch of the imagination, and it’s not even on a par with Larsson’s novels, but it’s a fun book: JW more or less lives off this crowd.

I Snabba Cash kom de tre huvudpersoner till Stockholm. De harde onderwereld in Zweden wordt heel treffend en realistisch geschetst, evenals de connecties met de bovenwereld. Hij is eropuit om degenen die hem verraden hebben terug te pakken – alleen heeft hij geen geld, en de student JW, die geld nodig heeft om zijn dure levensstijl te kunnen betalen.

Other books jend the series. The comparison is not quite apt. Lo que nos cuenta. The three storylines that start intermingling early on in the book render it enormous speed. Similar in scope perhaps and overall structure, but far more interesting language and dialogue and plot. Jul 02, Marju rated it really liked it. He lives in Stockholm with his wife.


Having represented some of the country’s most notorious criminals, he is perfectly qualified to write about the schemes and dreams that drive the Stockholm underworld. The style is hard-boiled. Through much of its history, Sweden has been known as an island of tranquility amid a host of neighboring states to whom a constant state of warfare seemed normal.

Snabba cash by Jens Lapidus

Full review in Swedish here. Het plot enigszins uitgezonderd. Apr 03, Pages. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Jadnog, cijelu knjigu sam ga eaxy Smrado. JW is a young man originally from the countryside who now lives in Stockholm.

Nov 13, Pages. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Abdulkarim has heard of Jorge, the recent escapee. The crimes committed get explained in detail by the criminals I doubt that I will ever finish reading this book. Perhaps the translation jene be blamed for part of the language problem with Lapidus.

Maybe it’s just the length. Exciting at times but could have more of that, the last 50 pages was where it really picked up which was way too late in my opinion. In the end, the author wraps up these story-lines quite nicely. Hun dromen, hun haat, hun liefde.


Nov 13, Pages Buy. Each of the men is amoral, and Mrado is much much worse there are repeated references to his being at Srebrenicaand there’s no cop or lawbringer monney the book other than some interludes comprised of jems documents relating to the action. Hij verliest gaandeweg het vertrouwen van zijn baas. This page was last edited on 3 Marchat The Stockholm Noir Trilogy 3 books.

Although the novel positions itself not in the least by the bio of the author as a lawyer as realistic, it does contain quite a few weak spots in this respect. Lapidus is also daring enough to flaunt fictional convention.

I won’t be finishing the trilogy. Simultaneously Jorge has tried to blackmail the Yugoslav mafia boss. Wat ik beschrijf in Snel geld is de realiteit van vandaag in Stockholm. Jorge is een drugsdealer die spectaculair uit de gevangenis is ontsnapt.

This book follows the stories of three men attracted to the seeming easy money they can obtain from the cocaine trade: I mean, it was alright. Show all reviews Download all reviews. His nose broke in a number of places.

Easy Money tells the story three criminals: