In “Lost in the Funhouse,” the author, John Barth, writes a story about someone, a narrator, who is himself writing a story about Ambrose, a boy of thirteen. John Barth’s titular short story, ‘Lost in the Funhouse’, from his subversive short- story collection Lost in the Funhouse, is an overt example of the theories. Lost in the Funhouse (The Anchor Literary Library) [John Barth] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. John Barth’s lively, highly original.

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Do you have any video of that? John Barth is best known for his wit and clever use of language. The short story collection Lost in the Funhouse and the novella collection Tunhouse are even more metafictional than their two predecessors, foregrounding batth writing process and presenting achievements such as seven nested quotations. Barth is such a lyrical writer, especially compared to most of the brooding postmodernist set.

In “Petition”, one half of a pair of Siamese twinsjoined at the stomach to his brother’s back, writes a petition in to PrajadhipokKing of Siam now Thailandprotesting his brother’s not acknowledging his existence.

Insert Plot Here “What’s all this leading up to? He is not writing for you. His older brother acts cool around Magda and Ambrose hates that. Ambrose’s awkwardness is impeccably crafted, and his disdain for the world the desire for a button to immediately and painlessly end one’s life, and yet the understanding to note the ticket taker funhouze cruel, only “vulgar and insensitive” jjohn real and believable.

But after tapping many the literary device in a string of doorstopper novels, he wanted to, by golly, get his fiction in those collections of short stories, the kind of books he always uses to teach from. Apart from this, Night sea journey, Petition, Autobiography- A badth recorded fiction, Title are few others which I enjoyed and the use of language in most of them is very impressive.

Metafiction — A close cousin with a story about a story, metafiction deals with writing about writing. Despite being fuhhouse as a connected series, this collection covers a lot of relatively unconnected ground, veering between personal narrative, self-reflexive formal pyrotechnics, and re-constructed mythology. Dear Mr Barth, As I yet again write you a letter in a review of a book about writing about writing about writing sigh! It understands and points out the devices it is using.


But the highs — oh, jphn highs! I had to grit my teeth, take breaks, verb phrase preserving the series.

Trivia About Lost in the Funhouse. The narrator seems to be trying not so much to instruct his reader as to keep straight in his own mind what he should be doing.

Lost in the Funhouse by John Barth, |

He is at that awkward, thirteen-year-old time in his life. With Life Bartg and Menelaiad came this huge tsunami of almost everything meta one can think of. Otherwise, roll up roll up. View all 22 comments.

Lost in the Funhouse

Writing about Writing about Writing. This page was last edited on 23 Octoberat Email required Address never made public. Turns away to hide smile. It earned him a nomination for the National Book Award, for whatever that’s worth.

I could cross-reference other people’s reviews, make a nod to how Aidan or Darwin8U the only of my friends who have reviewed this book did or express surprise that Paul liked it, but that wouldn’t have the effect I’m going for here, because again, nobody would be surprised by that. There were a few gems.

He is not going to make you eat your short fiction or even make you shoot Chekhov’s gun sitting on the fictional wall next to you. Came here by searching for brain painting. Ambrose’s parents and uncle sit up front in the car and he sits in the back with Magda and his older brother Peter.

Unlike some post-modernists that funhousd after him, Barth is very much concerned with art expressing a human experience mostly love.

Once upon a time there was a review that began: During the car ride, they play games. With this dialogue we see history shift from the postmodern to the post-postmodern, or at least an attempt at the post-post. You’ve pretty much guaranteed that only English majors will want to read bqrth book of course, it’s hard to imagine your average James Patterson barhh enjoying John Barth [Wait a minute there, aren’t you supposed to be funhokse sort of postmodernist?


Feb 14, Nicole rated it did not like it Shelves: Published March 1st by Anchor Books first published I write about math, philosophy, literature, music, science, computer science, gaming or whatever strikes my fancy that day.

It would be better to be the boyfriend, and act outraged, and tear the funhouse apart…. I’m not the author. But his good stuff is from another dimension, you know, the fifth Sex Story: Yes, I confess to skipping lightly and sprightly over the last three Greek-mythology-based items. The first action was reading the book.

Lost in the Funhouse Summary – Schoolbytes

Jorge Luis Borges He takes absolutely mental ideas and applies a freezing cold, fynhouse logic to them. Apr 05, Hadrian rated it liked it Shelves: I simply lacked the ability to find any enjoyment in the process of reading this book.

That’s about all I have to say about that.

The story is continually interrupted to go off on tangents like this. Since reading this and many other of Barth’s fiction, I’ve fallen completely for metafictive postmodernities and their like. An author-recommended book that turned out to be a real disappointment.

Above all, the whole thing is a big, long mash note in love with the writing process. I didn’t read the final two stories. You’ve read me this far, then?