The Real Astrology has 64 ratings and 6 reviews. Jeri said: Some readers get angry with Frawley because he is not handing them a step by step recipe book. John Frawley – The Real Astrology OCR – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Horary Astrology – an extracted chapter from The Real Astrology – by John Frawley This understanding runs throughout astrology; there is no astrology without.

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It gives you a definite prediction. No trivia or quizzes yet. A real eye-opener for astrology students. This page was last edited on 28 Decemberat A great read for traditional astrology.

Skyscript: Horary Astrology by John Frawley (extract from THE REAL ASTROLOGY)

If we liken the conventional idea of the birth-chart reading to general medical practice, horary is like surgery: It is conceived when it enters the mind, and born when it is understood by the person who is in a position to answer it: Aug 17, Asttrology Oquendo rated it it was amazing Shelves: States and great nations Dynasties and families Kings and potentates Individual nativities Elections Horary questions In the hierarchy of importance, the traditional texts always start from the top and work downwards; this can be seen in any description of the planets, which will always start with Saturn and work in through the celestial spheres to finish with the Moon.

The book opens with dazzling yet logical displays of the practical hows and whys of Horary, and made me think ‘I want jjohn do that! John Frawley provides a searching – and often hilarious – critique of modern astrology, and a detailed introduction to all the main branches of the traditional craft. I have been told that John Frawley now rejects some parts of this book.


Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. A birth-chart reading, for instance, may suggest that the native is likely to marry this year; it will not, however, say whether Bill or Tom is the man in question, or that it is unwise to plan the reception outdoors because it is going to rain on that day.

We might contrast modern texts, which typically start with the Sun and then work in exactly reverse order from the Moon outwards, noting that this order conforms neither to astrological theory nor to the modern model of the structure of the solar system and is thus totally arbitrary. Retrieved from ” https: As entertaining as these ambushes are, they actually disguise the true value of The Real Astrology.

johnfrawley | The Real Astrology

Thanks for telling us about the problem. He defends “Real” that is, traditional, or Renaissance, or Christian astrology.

Except entertainment, of course. Judgement is also evidently always subject to the fallibility of the astrologer, though even the traditional authorities emphasise this rather less.

Of all the forms of traditional astrology, it is horary that falls most strangely on the modern ear.

A few of those who master natal astrology will find their way to a study of horary, as if that small proportion who study maths at university were finally to be introduced to the multiplication tables.

Frawley is a traditional astrologer who bases much of his practice of astrology on William Lilly, but who has more than a passing acquaintance with other great names from astrology’s past: Instantly is perhaps an exaggeration, but in his day the Seventeenth Century the norm was for an astrological asttology lasting some fifteen or twenty minutes.

He featured in Odds on SportPredictions! Refresh and try again.

The Real Astrology

Sweeping away the misconceptions of both modern astrologers and sceptics, a clear exposition of the cosmological background explains how and why traditional astrology works.


First, he assumes the reader already knows the basics of astrology. Berna Labourdette rated it liked it Jul 05, Feb 11, Javier Guelfi rated it it was amazing.


Trivia About The Real Astrology. Frawley has written several books on the subject of horary astrology and also sports astrology. But that does not stop me from admiring this tour de force taking in everything from Horary to Mundane Astrology, and plenty else besides.

But Frawley barely touches on “How to” in this book. Following the traditional pathway we shall start our ascent with a consideration of horary. It stretches jhn theories joyn planetary causation that are foisted onto astrology somewhat beyond their reasonable limits, implying as it does that, for instance, Saturn should suddenly find itself responsible for someone’s lost ear-ring and have to dash around the cosmos deciding what shall happen to it.

You may not agree with everything he says, but there is no arguing with how well he says it.

John Frawley (astrologer)

So anything is possible. From toFrawley edited and produced The Astrologer’s Apprentice magazine. The assumption behind horary is that the question is an existent thing in its own right. Throw away almost everything you have on astrology and get this book. Written in clear, ellegant if tong-in In “The Real Astrology”, John Frawley purports to, at one single blow, differentiate modern astrology from its traditional form, attack the so-called scientific view of astrology, uphold tradition in the light of the perennial school, and give an outlook on the various branches and uses of traditional astrology.

Calantirniel rated it it was amazing Mar 11,